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Choosing the best Krabi hotel

Krabi Accommodation | Tips for choosing a Krabi hotel

Anyone and everyone is sure to find a Krabi hotel that meets their taste and budget. This is because Mainland Krabi has all types of hotels here. The largest form of accommodation in Krabi is bungalows that are small or medium-sized. There are also low rise hotels that are owned by locals where you find both personal and friendly service.

Amari Vogue Krabi

Amari Vogue Krabi


Book early to get the room in your chosen Krabi hotel

If you decide to visit Krabi during Christmas, remember that Krabi hotels are then fully booked. If you are lucky, you could stay in a lower end, local bungalows that don't deal with travel agents. However you have to be quick in seeking this accommodation as they too fill up quickly.

It is always better that you book your Krabi hotel either through your travel agent or the internet. You could check out the availability of rooms in the hotel by filling out the enquiry form. You are sure of getting a room in the Krabi hotel if you book it well in advance; if you are late in making a booking; don't be surprised for unavailability of rooms, in the chosen hotel on your requested dates.

International hotel groups are also listed in Krabi hotels

There are some international hotel groups and large resorts in the list of Krabi hotels. Some examples of Krabi hotels are the Sheraton, Holiday Inn and the latest Central Krabi Bay Resort. If you want to book a room in these hotels, it is better to visit the website of each hotel.

These large chains of Krabi hotels usually have flexible pricing systems which cannot be competed by travel agents. So if you make bookings this way for your hotel, you are sure to be ensured of a room in your Krabi hotel during your visit here.

Krabi high season

It is during November to April every year that you find the high tourist season in Krabi hotels. This is the time when hotel rates are the highest, and the resorts the busiest. As Christmas and New Year is the 'peak season' for hotels, most of Krabi hotels usually charge a supplement to their normal hotel room rates during the season.

Sometimes you have to pay for the Gala Dinner in the Krabi hotel

Some hotels also offer a compulsory 'Gala Dinner' fees for the guests who stay in the Krabi hotel during Christmas and New Year's Eve. However despite this fee, most of the popular and value-for-money Krabi hotels get fully booked as early as in the month of June! This is why you have to book your hotel as easily as possible, if you intend to visit Krabi during this season.

If you are an independent traveler, it is very important that you book your Krabi hotel as soon as possible if you intend to spend your Christmas in Krabi. This is because recently, most of Krabi hotels have started selling practically all of their rooms to foreign package holiday agents. This makes it a bit difficult for independent travelers to find rooms in Krabi hotels.

You save money on Krabi hotel rooms in the rainy season

However if you visit Krabi out of season, say during the monsoon months of May to October, Krabi hotel rates drop as much as 50% in their rates. So if you are prepared to take a risk with the rain, and save a substantial amount of money, you can book rooms in Krabi hotels when you make a trip to Krabi during these months.

If you intend to stay in a Krabi hotel in Ao Nang, remember that these Krabi hotels are much more nearer to beaches than the hotels in Railay. These Krabi hotels are also easily accessible from all over Krabi, making traveling to places of interest in Krabi much easier.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012