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The 14 Day Trip of Krabi

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Krabi is a fascinating province in Southern Thailand. It is one exotic place to get authentic Thai experience. A place not only known for its beautiful locales but also because of the number of things to do and explore. Most tourist do not spend more than two to three days in Krabi, but to truly experience all the wonders that Krabi has to offer a two weeks vacation is ideal.

The Sun and the Sand

The best thing to do in Krabi is to just laze around in the beautiful white sand beaches. There are many small islands in the province of Krabi, even a day is not sufficient enough to explore the magnificent island on a raft or canoe. As good as the scene is above the water, Krabi guarantees an equally fascinating underwater scene. There are a number of diving and snorkelling spots in Krabi and one can spend hours being fascinated by the marine life, corals and rock formations in the crystal clear waters. One can also spend hours in the many beach front restaurants and cafes watching the Thai sunsets and people.

Exotic Locales

It isn't just the beaches that are fascinating in Krabi; its exotic locales inland can mesmerize you. Its caves and rock formations are very interesting and are excellent for adventure sports, like rock climbing. There are many temples, such as the famous Tiger cave temples to visit, even if you are not interested in temples, go for the fabulous trek that leads you to one of the most panoramic views in Krabi. Krabi River itself is paradise of nature lovers and bird watchers. The shores of the river are lined with lush green mangroves and can be best explored in a kayak. Spend a day in Thara Park, a huge natural reserve, which has beautiful beaches and the famous fossilized shell cemetery, known as Susan Hoi.

Experience the Thai way of Life

Krabi town and its markets are a great place to get the authentic Thai experience. The main town is small and has numerous shops selling everything from branded clothes to handicrafts. It is a great place to shop. Krabi is also a paradise for foodies who want to try out unusual tastes, a number of eating joints are there all over Krabi, however the night markets in Krabi town are the best places to meet the locals and try out authentic Thai street food. If you are in Krabi, spend a day in one of the many spas in town and get a Thai massage. Fishing is another very important aspect of life in Krabi so do not miss your change to go on guided fishing tours or if it interests you a lot, take a step ahead and spend a day in one of the fishing villages.

Whatever the reason is Krabi has enough places and activities to engross you for two weeks and make you return to this fascinating province.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008