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Krabi is an island that offers you numerous Krabi activities and sports to keep people of all ages active when on Krabi. Most of the Krabi activities and sports involve outdoor activities like rock climbing, snorkeling, sea kayaking and golf. Besides this, you get an opportunity to go on a jungle trek, a bicycle tour or go for a trip on the back of an elephant.

Takraw is one of the krabi activities and sports

In addition to all these Krabi activities and sports, you can watch spectacular sports like Thai boxing and takraw where you have to keep a wicker ball in the air. Rock climbing is a sport that has brought fame to Krabi because of the many limestone cliffs and faces of karst formations found in Krabi. There are many classes here that teach both beginners and expert rock climbing.

Diving is one more of the many Krabi activities and sports. The world famous Koh Phi of Thailand offers some sites that prove to be terrific for reef diving and snorkeling. If you don't know diving, you can always join a diving course and learn diving while in Krabi.

Thai cuisine is one of the more dormant Krabi activities and sports

Next on the list of Krabi activities and sports is sea kayaking which is a popular means of exploring the many tiny karst islands jutting from the coastline of Krabi. It is through sea kayaking that you get to move closer to the caves and lagoons of Krabi as kayaks reach places that are rather difficult to reach otherwise.

Besides all these Krabi activities and sports of Krabi, something else that will tingle your senses is the delicious Thai cuisine available here. On tasting this Thai cuisine, you are sure to wish to be able to cook this at home; which will be possible after you complete one of the many Thai cookery courses available in Krabi. You can learn about ingredient substitution and learn tips on 'translating' the dishes to a western style.

Last Updated: 26 Mar 2008

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