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The cool and green interiors of Krabi prove to be a boon for trekking and walkers. Their are some great trails in the National park of Huay Toh which lead through a forest and up a seven tiered waterfall to go Krabi walking.

Take a dip in a swimming hole after your Krabi walking

Besides this, you find some nature trails in Khao Phra Bang Khram nature reserve, along Tha Pom Mangrove River and Tharnbok Khoranne National Park for your Krabi walking. These parks have clean swimming holes where you can take a refreshing dip after exercising.

Krabi fishing is an activity that is popular in Krabi. You can get guidance on the best places for Krabi fishing by asking your guide and boat captain. This is because these people are local people in Krabi who know more about Krabi fishing and can assure of a catch in great Krabi fishing holes.

You get your money back if you don't catch fish during Krabi fishing

In fact, there are some companies that advertise their tours as 'No Fish, No Pay' trips. So if you don't catch any fish, during your Krabi fishing trip, you need not pay for the trip. It is quite normal to have day excursions during your Krabi fishing trip; but if required, you can also charter a boat to go Krabi fishing before dawn or at night, as you wish.

Whatever you catch during Krabi fishing is for you; and the local restaurants are more than willing to grill or cook your fresh barracuda or white snapper for a small charge.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008