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The beautiful white beaches of Krabi are the most astounding features of Krabi in Thailand. Discovering remote beaches surrounded with massive limestone cliffs out of the clear emerald water is an opportunity which nobody wants to miss. People sail out in search of various secluded beaches and bays to swim in. one cannot even miss the opportunity to witness the exotic wildlife in this area. Then exploring Aonang and other mangrove forests in a canoe is another sizzling experience that cannot be missed on a trip to Krabi. Thus the tours of Krabi river estuary are very famous and these tours give a total different side apart from the towering landscapes which are predominant in this region. A large number of floras and faunas are fond in this part of the world and the tidal changes give a different beauty to this place.

Places to visit around Krabi river estuary

The best way to enjoy the sizzling beauty of the Krabi river estuary is by taking a long-tail boat from the city waterfront pier during early in the morning or during sunset. Somebody who has rented a bike would like to leave the coast for the day and the best place for him to visit that day would be the unusual Wat Tam Sueu or the Tiger Cave temple. This place lies towards the south of Krabi town. This place includes a caved sanctuary at the base of a towering karst pillars with chedis and Buddha at the top, but one has to climb a total number of 1200 steps in order to witness this beauty. This Tiger Cave temple is a home to a troop of monkeys and is the most active and popular forest retreat temple. The Than Bokkharani National Park is also place which one should visit. It is a 20 minute drive from the north of Aonang in the Ao Leuk area. After reaching this place it looks like we have arrived in a fairyland with clear blue water pools cascading into the streams along with a large number of caves and Karsts in found here.

A trip to the Phang Nga Bay is a must. Without a visit to this place the tour of the Krabi river estuary cannot be complete. The Phang Nga Bay lies in the Phang Nga province and can be accessed by a boat. It takes about an hour to reach Phang Nga Bay which is situated towards the north of Krabi. Tours are regularly available from any local travel agent. The karst pillars and landscapes in this region are the major attractions of this spot. The famous "James Bond Island" and the 'water village' of Koh Phan Yee are other places that must be visited by the tourists.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008