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Rock Climbing at Railay Beach

Krabi rock climbing has brought fame to Krabi with its thousands of sheer limestone cliff faces, caves and overhangs found here. There is a challenge in Krabi rock climbing for everyone ranging from the professional to the beginner. And on completing your climb, you find that it presents a view that any climber will yearn to see.

Choose the length of your Krabi rock climbing trip

Krabi rock climbing is well established with over 600 mapped routes that have been graded and bolted around the climbing Mecca of Railay and Tonsai Beach. There are also 100 mapped routs in Koh Phi Phi that provides a backdrop for your climbing. Beginner Krabi rock climbing courses last from a day to three days' length where the longer is the course, the more you learn.

When beginners go Krabi rock climbing, they have the benefit of a rope being attached to their harness that is secured to the top of the climb, and controlled by the instructor below. This is a safe method that suits all ages and abilities. And if you get tired while climbing, you can give your hands and legs a break by hanging motionless in the air while you catch your breath.

You can learn Krabi rock climbing in rock climbing schools

There are about ten Krabi rock climbing schools in Railay and Tonsai, with a few more in Koh Phi Phi. These schools have good and English speaking Krabi rock climbing instructors who provide their guidance to experienced climbers, rock climbing courses and on equipment rental. The main things you need to be able to take part in Krabi rock climbing is fitness and strength, and of course a passion and determination to climb.

Last Updated: 21 Mar 2008

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