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Krabi Activities | Enjoy yourself with Krabi sports

Krabi is definitely a place the sports enthusiast has to visit, because of Krabi sports. This is because some Krabi sports are trademark sports of Krabi like canoeing, scuba diving and rock climbing. In addition to this, it is possible to go exploring on jungle treks, go on bicycle tours or even go on elephant rides.

You are sure to enjoy rock climbing in Krabi, one of Krabi sports

Krabi is world famous for its rock climbing. You can find more than a dozen schools here offering rock climbing courses in both beginner and advanced form. The first class routes of rock climbing cover the limestone cliffs and faces of karst formations on Krabi Island. When in Krabi, even inexperienced climbers have to see the Princess Lagoon and witness the views across the karst landscape. There are fixed ropes you can use can use to climb steeper points of Krabi.

If you love canoeing, you have to head to establishments on Ao Phra Nang and Railay beaches to hire canoes by day or hour for the next in Krabi sports. There are also some charter companies here that offer canoeing expeditions on the coast, and in the island area. Water lovers will love the Krabi sports of snorkeling, fishing trips and scuba diving on most beaches of Krabi.

Enjoy yourself with the Krabi sports of sailing and windsurfing

In addition to this, these locations also offer Krabi sports sailing and windsurfing fun. If you don't find your favorite water sport on your beach, you can take the long tail boats found here to the next beach of Krabi to find whatever you were looking for over here. There are many diving spots in Krabi where you can enjoy the Krabi sports of reef diving and snorkeling too.

There are pleasant trails to go trekking, one of the Krabi sports, while in Krabi

The cool forests of Krabi are great for taking pleasant walks and for trekking. Head to the national Park in Huay Toh where you find great trails that lead through the forest and up a waterfall. The Khao Phra Bang Khram nature reserve, Tharnbok Khoranne National Park and Tha Pom mangrove all provide nature trails you can visit. They also have clean swimming holes for a refreshing dip after all your exercise.

Another popular Krabi sports is big game fishing. You find guides and boat captains that know the best place to fish so that you are assured of a catch. So confident are these companies about you catching fish at these spots that they advertise that they need not be paid if you don't catch any fish here.

Though most people go on day excursions here, it is possible to charter boats before dawn or at night, as you prefer. Your catch is your keep. There are many restaurants in Krabi that are more than willing to grill your barracuda or white snapper for a small fee.

If you don't want to miss on your fitness regime, there are some hotels in Krabi having their own gym and tennis courts which can be used by outside guests for a small fee as one of Krabi sports. There are also two gyms available to the public in Krabi Town and Ao Nang. Besides visiting the gym, you could consider jogging along the beach at low tide or go for some outdoor yoga.

Pakasai Country Club has the only golf course in Krabi

There is a single golf course in Krabi at the Pakasai Country Club, in the Neua Klong district for the next of Krabi sports, golfing. Some companies have golf package tours with a stop off at other places of interest. Including green and caddy fees, a round trip here costs 1000 Baht with equipment hire. However if you are a serious golfer, you can always head to the world class greens of Phuket.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008