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Krabi mountain biking

Krabi Activities | Mountain biking is included in Krabi cycling

Krabi cycling is basically for those brave enough to brave the hot and humid climate of Krabi. Krabi cycling is a rewarding experience to see the locals of Krabi and the activities they partake in. to go Krabi cycling, you only have to rent a mountain bike that is available in Krabi Town and Ao Nang.

Go Krabi cycling on off-roads to explore Krabi

When you go Krabi cycling, you can go down 'off-roads' to explore the dirt tracks behind the highways. You will then come across exciting landscapes and memorable encounters with the friendly local people of Krabi.

Krabi cycling is relatively safe as the main highway network of Krabi is cycle-friendly. This is because these roads are not that busy and just right for Krabi cycling; while most of the roads here are a hard shoulder. The local car drivers of Krabi are used to having motorcyclists going Krabi cycling around Krabi. This is why they don't consider two-wheeled road users to be a problem to them.

There are no guided tours for your Krabi cycling trip

So far, there is no company in Krabi offering guided tours for Krabi cycling around Krabi. However, with a good local map of Krabi and a good sense of direction, it is possible to go Krabi cycling. You need not worry about getting lost when you go Krabi cycling as most Krabi dirt tracks tend to lead to a named highway of Krabi.

So if you are an ardent cyclist, and are interested in going for Krabi cycling, then there is nothing keeping you from hiring a mountain bike during your trip in Krabi. With this mountain bike, you can go for as much Krabi cycling as you wish, while enjoying the local sites and sceneries of Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008