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Things to do in Tonsai

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Tonsai is a great destination for adventure lovers. As Tonsai is a beach located in Krabi, there are many adventures that can be performed across the shore. Rock climbing will surely be the favorite activity of the people who come here. The area is very rocky and the rocks are made up of limestone. The people who have gained expertise in rock climbing will surely experience a great pleasure. Even if you are not well inclined in sporting activities, the guides will teach you. There are around 400 routes to climb the rock. The routes to be chosen by the climbers depend upon the expertise. After climbing the peak of the rocks, you can enjoy performing Yoga. When you are performing yoga on the peak of the mountain and watching a beautiful scenery, you shall experience an unique sense of bliss.

Things not to do in Tonsai

But swimming is not a safe activity that can be performed here because of the strong tidal waves.

During the night time, you can play a number of fire games. You can just light something on fire and twirl it in the air. Another interesting sporting activity that can be played in scuba driving.

Other Adventures to do in Tonsai

Trekking on the mountains can also be a great sense of adventure. Mountain biking is also one of the great way to discover the beauty of Krabi. This place is known for a rare type of beauty.

Besides performing adventures, activities like photography can make you happy. You can captures various images by looking at the rocks, sea, beach and the other natural resources.

You can just relax on the deckchair and watch the ferry coming towards you and also the ferry can reach you across Krabi. You can enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset and fill your mind with pleasure.

Other interesting things to do in Tonsai

On the full moon or blue moon day, you can meet most of the celebrities who come here and enjoy the fire games. You can also dance around the fire.

The other activities that usually take place in Tonsia are deep water soloring and sea kayaking. Most interesting, people who want to get a tan on their skin come here and get under the sun for sometime.

Things to do in Tonsai -- peacefully rest

It is not only a place for adventure lovers, but also provides a blissful experience to lazy travelers also. People who just want to rest in this isolated area can just loiter on the beach, sit on a deckchair, enjoy food in the restraints and have a wonderful sleep.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008