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Caves in Ao Luek District

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The southern province of Thailand, Krabi is well noted for its beaches and limestone cliffs. Mountainous in nature, another feature that attracts tourists to this place are beautiful caves. Standing high against the ravages of time, caves are located in various districts in Krabi and the district of Ao Luk or Ao Luek has a good collection of those.

Ao Luek is heaven for those who want to flee from the hustle and bustle of city life. The simplicity and the inherent calmness of the place makes for the perfect environment to give you the opportunity to explore the caves and study the works embedded within. Convenient to reach from the Krabi town, tourists will find a lot more to explore than just caves in Ao Luek district. The district is a well known snorkeling ground and apart from waterfalls and caves, tourists can also try out kayaking through the mangrove forests. Ao Luek district is also home to one of the frequently visited national parks in Krabi, the Than Bokkharani National Park in Krabi. The remote islands within the district border are also enchanting and makes for great diving and snorkeling spots in Krabi.

Tourists visiting this district will come across a number of caves, well noted for its beauty as well as works. The ones worth visiting include:

  • Tham Lod Nua - Huge and shaped in the form of alphabet U, this is a great cave to explore.
  • Tham Lod Tai - This cave draws crowd for its collection of stalactites and stalagmites. The whole tunnel is lined with these features. The entrance of the cave has a boulder which shaped in the form of a quarter moon. It is best to visit the cave in a long tail boat, when the water level is considerably lower.
  • Sua Noi Cave- Beautiful in its own way, this cave is an archaeologist's dream destination for the number of priceless artifacts found here in recent times. This is one of the caves in Ao Luek district that also houses a meditation centre and a monastery.
  • Tham Pi Hua To Cave- According to a local legend, this cave is haunted by a ghost. But however that has not dissuaded the adventure seekers from a visit. The old walls of the caves resemble an artist's canvas with pictures of animals and people on them. Large grottos in the caves also are great subject of study. The location of the cave makes it one of the famous caves in Ao Luek District. Nestled amidst the lofty mountains, the cave is well guarded by water and mangrove forests.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008