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Thailand's beauty is further enhanced by another very beautiful island that is the Koh Hong Island in Krabi. The literal meaning of Hong Island can be split in two parts where Koh means Island and Hong means room, thus making it the "room island". The Hong Island has the shape of a doughnut. The island is hollowed out and when entering this hollowed out island by a boat is like entering a giant reception hall with two doors. The entry point of the island is so small that only a Thai boat fits in it. Once entered into the island, one can find a large natural lagoon. The water in its surrounding is calm and emerald clear. The shallow water of the lagoon gives Hong Island an astonishing beauty. Rich green vegetation surrounds the place and one can come across complete silence in this place. It seems that ones own voice is echoing the paddling sounds of the boat can be heard. A complete seclusion can be discovered in this place. For a tourist the feeling of nature's glory and magnificence bestowed in the Koh Hong Island is worth a million.

Places to visit around Koh Hong Island

Koh Hong Island is one of the most beautiful island which is easily accessible by boat from Aonang and is a journey of about 20 minutes. The Koh Hong Island is also a sail of 30 minutes from the main land of Krabi. One can make a journey on a speed boat which is the most convenient mode of traveling and the rates rare also moderate. These speedboats are available for transport on a daily basis. A long-tail boat can also be used to explore the great scenic beauty of Koh Hong Island. Swimming and snorkeling are two most attractive activities that can be done in this island. Few people even enjoy a beach picnic on this island. One can also visit the "Hong" which is a secret chamber, thus making this "Island of Rooms" the most appropriate place for people who are tired of their daily schedule life and want to enjoy a perfect holiday. The island is endeavored with shallow coral reefs with a white sandy beach. One can experience a nice sun tan on this gorgeous sand beach.

Thus it can be said that the exotic Hong Island is an ideal holiday destination for young tourists and honeymoon couples who want to enjoy this gem of the Andaman archipelago.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008