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Poda Island

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Thailand's beauty is undiscovered without visiting the Poda Island. The island is situated at a distance of just 8 kilometers off shore from Aonang. It takes around 25 minutes by boat for one to travel from Aonang to Poda Island. This island is privately owned and is a small island with its diameter not more than a kilometer. Poda Island has a white fine sand beach, covered with a grove of palm trees.

Things to do in Poda Island

The water in this island is crystal clear, making it a place of utmost beauty. In this clear water one can find a coral reef about 20 meters from the beach with a number of very friendly fishes, who accept food from the tourists and even swim with them. Poda Island is an excellent spot for snorkeling. The scenery, the soft sand and the clear water makes the Poda Island a favourite spot for the snorkelers and the day trippers. The island is very calm and quite inspite of being such a popular spot.

Poda Island is an ideal place for tourists to play tennis, table tennis and snooker with a huge playground for the young guests. Arrangements for scuba diving, rock climbing, bird watching, canoeing and boat sailing can be made very easily on the request of the tourists. Fishing is also an activity tourists enjoy doing in Poda Island which includes fishing in both deep sea and local sea.

Resorts and food in Poda Island

Poda Island can be visited throughout the year. The Poda Island resort and the Krabi resort are the two most popular resorts for the tourists to stay. There are various bars and restaurants nearby the resorts for visitors to enjoy themselves. Apart from these bars, the Krabi resort's "Sandy" Beer bar is also a cool place where one can enjoy ice cold beer and tequila sunset before dinner. There is no system of previous booking for the visitors of Poda Island. A resort like the Krabi Resort only has the option of booking for the walk- in visitors. The island is easily accessible by boats at a very reasonable charge as island hopping is what maximum people can do.

Young generation and honeymoon couples are the people mainly attracted to this island. People interested in rock climbing will find the Poda Island their dream destination because of the beautiful cliffs surrounding this region. Thus Poda Island is a place once visited will attract tourists again and again.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008