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Koh Siboya

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There are three options for reaching the island of Koh Siboya which is located 20 kilometers to the south of Krabi. There are three alternatives by which one can reach Koh Siboya from Krabi. The journey from Krabi to Koh Siboya takes about one and a half hours by a long-tail boat or by road. The journey by the boat is mainly along the cost and the distance is half way to Koh Lanta. The Koh Siboya Island is very quiet and the beautiful bungalow there is built on a huge garden with coco palm trees, hibiscus, banana trees and bougainvillea trees. There is no water supply or electricity supple in the Koh Siboya Islands. A gravity feed water supply is made in the island and there are generators which run from evening to midnight in order to supply electricity to the hotels and restaurants.

Ways to reach Koh Siboya

The first option is that the tourists can charter a private long-tail boat, at a cost of around 1000 baht. The second option is to take a songthaew all the way to Nua Klong, which is located on the southern highway towards Trang. From here, one can take a songthaew to the community of Laem Kruad on the coast. From Laem Kruad, a ferry runs to the east of the island of Koh Siboya. One can also rent a long-tail boat to the island from Laem Kraud. Once you have reached the east coast of Koh Siboya, simply walk the three kilometer trail or arrange for a pick-up by calling your hotel at the Siboya Bungalows.The third option is to take a songthaew, and make an hour journey to Laem Him. This service is twice a day once the songthaew departs at 11 am and it departs once again at 15:00 hours or 3 pm. The cost of the journey comes around 50 baht. From Laem Him one can take the long-tail public ferry to Laem Soma, on the island of Koh Siboya. This service can be availed on demand and it costs around 20 baht. One can visit this Island from Koh Lanta also. A ferry service can be taken to reach Koh Jam from Koh Lanta. From Koh Jam a long-tail boat can be taken to reach Koh Siboya which takes about an hour.

Once you have reached Koh Siboya, a truck at the Siboya Guest House close to the General Post Office can take you to the Siboya Bungalows at a modest rate of 50 baht for each person. If the bungalows are not booked from before one can take a ferry and ride on a motorcycle with any of the locals, who are warm and friendly and are always willing to help.

Last Updated: 23 May 2008