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Thailand has some of the most exotic beaches in the world and continuing the legacy is Krabi, which has its own share of magnificent beaches. Ao Nang beach is the most popular beach in Krabi. Apart from a beautiful beach, Ao Nang offers great sea food restaurants, cheap shopping and interesting people. Towards the south of Ao Nang is a beach accessible only by boat known as the Railay beach. If you are looking for a quite beach then Klong Muang beach is the ideal place. Nopparat Thara Beach, a three kilometre long beach within Thara Park is another great beach. The other popular beaches like Phi Phi Islands and Koh Lanta are also accessible from Krabi by ferries.

The Caves and Temples

The entire region of Krabi is dominated by mangroves and limestone, along the coastline, as well as inland. This has resulted in fascinating rock formations, as well as caves. Most of the caves along the coastline are accessible only during low tides and have lagoons inside them, with open sky. Most caves give a glimpse of Krabi's rich history with their stone wall paintings and pottery. The Tiger Cave Temple, set amidst the forest is one of the most famous temples in Krabi. Khao Khanap Nam and Tham Sadet are another must visit places in Krabi. The Princess Cave in Railay beach is another beautiful rock formation and a legend has it that this cave is home to a sea princess.

National Parks

Large areas of Krabi have been converted into national parks. These parks are characterized by white sand beaches, exotic underwater life, lush green forests and beautiful rock formations jutting out of the sea. Accommodations are available in some parks and even camping is possible in some of the parks. These parks are the perfect places for trekking and rock climbing. Thara National Park, apart from having a number of good beaches has one main attraction: Susan hoi, a 40 million years old fossilized shell cemetery. Khao Phanom Bencha National Park has the most picturesque waterfalls, the most prominent of them being Huay To Waterfall, which consists of eleven springs and levels and all of them flow from the Kao Panom Mountains.

Krabi Town

Krabi town is small but has a lot to offer. The main attraction being the Krabi River, which is very scenic and is a bird watcher's paradise. One can explore this five kilometre river on kayaks. The town has numerous shops and is a great place for shopping for clothes, handicrafts and souvenirs. The early morning local fresh produce markets and the night markets are worth a visit too.

There are numerous places and island to explore in Krabi and you will be fascinated by each and every one of them.

Things to Do on a 14 Day Trip to Krabi

Island Hopping

The entire province of Krabi is surrounded by numerous small islands. Most of these islands are uninhabited and are characterized by white sand beaches, fascinating rock formations and clear blue water. Explore these small islands on a kayak. Guided tours to explore the islands are available and once you get a little familiar with the islands, then you can charter a boat or hire a kayak or a raft and venture out alone. The coastline itself is full of caves and rock formations and one can hire a sea canoe to explore these places. Some of these rock formations can be accessed only during low tides and they have lagoons inside them, with open sky. There are also a number of limestone formations jutting out of the water in these islands, which make them a perfect place for rock climbing.

Underwater Activities

Krabi is known to have a fascinating underwater scene, complete with corals, rock formations and an amazing marine life. Krabi has many snorkelling sites, the most popular of them being Koh Poda. This is a small island and there are amazing coral reefs at a distance of 20 metres from the beach. Krabi is home to more than 32 diving sites. There are courses available and a four day course can make you a certified diver. If not, a one day course is also available. The area around the Ao Nang beach is supposed to be the best area for diving around Krabi.

Explore the Inland

Krabi is not just about beaches, the inland is equally mesmerizing. Visit the many caves and temples, the most famous of them being the Tiger Cave temple. Hike through the national parks, like Khao Nor Chu Chi National Park. Approximately 70 kilometres away from the main town, situated in a jungle is the Klong Thom hot springs, a natural hot-tub and do visit the nearby emerald pool, situated in Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. Explore the Krabi River on a kayak; it is a bird watcher's paradise. One can also stay in a fishing village to get true Thai experience.

Things to do in the Town

One can spend days doing different things in Krabi town itself. Go on a shopping excursion because shopping is comparatively cheaper in Krabi. Do visit the early morning local fresh produce market to see, smell and taste unusual things. The night markets in Krabi town are the best places to meet the locals and try out different Thai dishes. There are many restaurants and bars in the town to try out. Krabi is known for its cuisines and specially sea food. Spend a day pampering your self in one of the many spas around Krabi.

Apart from all these activities, the best thing to do in Krabi is laze around in the beautiful beaches, stroll around in the markets and just unwind.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008