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Krabi Attractions | Krabi beaches and islands

One of the most important feature of Thailand is Krabi. Krabi is the capital of Krabi Province and and is stretched over a distance of 4709, located in the south of Thailand. Aonang, is a white sand beach with stiff cliffs and is one of the most popular beach of Krabi.

Beaches around Krabi

The most fabulous island is the Hong Island. It constitutes of a small national park with a spectacular beach. The beach is mainly of karst rock and is a hot picnic spot. The enclosed lagoon is another attraction of the beach and it can be approached when the tide is low, through a cave tunnel. One can even move about on a boat in Krabi and make a journey along the myriad islands in the Andaman Sea. The most popular trip in Krabi is the trip from Aonang and it is popularly known as the four-island tour which includes trip to four local islands- Poda, Chicken and Tub (all visible from the shore). The other tour available for the tourists is the five-island Hong Island tour which includes visit to four fabulous islands in the pristine part of Tharnbok Khoranee National Marine Park.

A trip to the Phi Phi Islands is also recommended. A speedboat or a longtail boat can be used as they are comparatively cheap. One can visit islands of Koh Rok from Koh Lanta, where the water is crystal clear. To the north of Aonang is the ecstatic Noppharat Thara Beach which is mainly preferred as a place of picnic by the localites and is also a beautiful place for sunbathing, swimming and eating out. South of Aonang is the Railay beach which is only accessible by boats making it a place free from roads and railways. It is white sand beach with limestone cliffs surrounding it, making it the tropical paradise. The su san Hoi or the Shell Cemetery is a unique graveyard made of fossilized shells and is a lovely place for sightseeing in the Railay Beach. After a round of the Railay Beach one can enter the Nam Mao Bay.

Muang Klong is the latest beach destination of Krabi, with five star hotels and is mostly preferred by people who love quietness. Further north from this beach is the Tubkaak Beach which is also a peaceful place and is surrounded by jungle with Hong Islands in the front. To the south of Krabi Town lies Koh Lanta with sandy beaches along its west coast, a place popular with backpackers.

Sight seeing around Krabi

Another place for popular sight seeing is the Tiger Cave Temple which is mainly a forest meditation centre. There is a natural spread of green wavy lashes of green grass where the monks come to meditate. A clear view of the Karbi countryside is also available from this place and on a clear day one can even see islands at a distance of 50 kilometers. A trip to the hot springs can also be made which is 40 kilometer to the south.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008