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Holidays are meant to be special and a vacation in the southern province of Thailand, Krabi is bound to be different. A perfect holiday getaway for all those who want to experience something different, Krabi is the best possible solution. Truly beautiful and magical in every sense of the word, Krabi is a heaven for the avid traveler as well as for the romantic honeymoon couple. Adding adventure and excitement to your vacation, tourists will find a lot of activities to keep them busy apart from soaking in the sun on any of the popular beaches of Krabi. Tourists can either go snorkeling or scuba diving or pay a visit to the numerous caves in Krabi. Huge limestone cliffs are a dominant feature of the Krabi topography and many of these limestone cliffs are home to some of the ancient caves in Krabi. Different and unique in their own way, many of the caves in Krabi showcase natural formations like beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Legends and folklore are attached with many of the caves in Krabi and they bring out an important side of the religious beliefs of the local people. The caves in Krabi are seats of religion, meditation and spiritual insights.

The caves in Krabi also form an indispensable part of the cultural and national heritage of Krabi. Many of the caves in Krabi are found to have retained and preserved priceless paintings, stone tools and pottery. Standing tall against the ravages of time, all the caves in Krabi are like museums holding and retaining the rich history of Krabi province. The notable caves in Krabi are located over the whole province and at different locations. The well known caves in Krabi that surely deserves a visit includes the Tiger Cave, the cave at Khao Khanap Nam, the Tham Sadet cave, the Princess Cave on Railay Beach, the Viking Cave on Phi Phi Islands. Caves are also present at Koh Lanta and Ao Luk district.

The Caves in Krabi are therefore priceless creations of Nature and forms to be an eminent tourist site in the southern province of Thailand hailed as Krabi.

Caves around Krabi Town

There is no better option than paying a visit to the caves around Krabi town to spend some quality time in Thailand. Important relics of the past are kept intact in many of the caves in Krabi. Untouched and unharmed by the hands of time, there are a number of caves around Krabi town that tourists can explore. The time taken can be a little more, but the journey is highly rewarding and the overseas visitors can stay assured of that. Dominating the cultural scenario of the province as well as the spiritual beliefs of the local people, the caves around Krabi town are important seats of learning.

The most well known among all the caves around Krabi town is the Tiger Cave, which is located at a distance of 9 kilometers from the main town of Krabi. Also known as Wat Tham Sua, these caves are located amidst the lush green jungle. This cave is also an integral part of the main temple complex. The temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha. A flight of steps leads you to the auspicious "footprints of Buddha" situated on the top of the mountain. This is one of the famous caves around Krabi Town that offers an awesome view of the Andaman Sea and the neighboring islands.

The second most important cave around the Krabi town is called Khao Khanap Nam. This cave is notable for its collection of painting sand formations of stalactites and stalagmites. One of the outstanding caves in Krabi town, this can be reached by a ride on a long tail boat from the Chao Fa Pier in the town of Krabi. Time taken is 15 minutes.

Tham Phi Hua Toh or the Hua Galok cave which is located on the top of a hill and is hidden away from the view by a dense mangrove forest is reputed and worthy of a visit for the grottos and the paintings. One of the widely visited caves around Krabi town, visitors can visit this by taking a boat ride from the Bor Tor Pier.

In the Ao Luk district two of the most famous caves around Krabi town are located. The Tham Lod Tai and the Tham Lod Neua are the two caves and they are situated on the Ao Luk-Laem Sak Road. The next successive name in the list of caves around Krabi town happens to be the Tham Prah cave which also houses the meditation centre named Khao Prah Suhn Yah Tah Rahm Meditation Centre.

The Tham Petch cave is also a decisive name among the caves located around Krabi town. The walls of the cave reflect the light and glitter like diamonds, hence the name.

The Tham Sadet cave situated at a distance of 7 kilometers from the Krabi town in Ban Nong Kok, Tambon Sai Thai is associated with royalty as King Rama VI is believed to have paid a visit here.

Railey Beach (Phra Nang Peninsula) is equally famous for the Princess Cave also known by the name of Tham Phra Nang Nok. The twin islands of Phi Phi also claim a share in possessing one of the outstanding caves in Krabi town. The Tham Phraya Nak or the Viking Cave is famous for the swift's nest and pre historic paintings. Koh Lanta also follows close by in recognition for its collection of caves known as Tham Mai Kaew caves.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008