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The most astounding coastline in Andaman is the Krabi Coastline and thus a trip of Krabi is very popular. The whole of Krabi province looks the best when seen from water. From here one can visit the famous Phi Phi Island group and several other smaller and bigger islands which are very close to the shore. Towards the north of Krabi is the beautiful karst scenery of the Phang Nga Bay.

Tours around the Krabi Coastline

There are numerous tours that can be arranged by various tour agencies along the Krabi coastline. These agents are mainly found in Aonang and various other resorts found in this area. The most popular trip is the Four Island and Five Island full day and half day tours along the Krabi coastline. The trip starts at 9 o clock in the morning from the beachfront and takes the visitors to the small islands near the shore. The most spectacular among these is the Hong Island. This is famous for a national park, beautiful beach and the sheltered bay. Most of the island is made of karst rock with a picnic spot. Usually people visit this place in the Krabi coastline in a long-tail boat and are left there to enjoy for a couple of hours. The island also has a beautiful closed lagoon which has to be accessed through a cave tunnel when the tide is right. Another highlight of this spot is the quick whirl inside. There are also many secluded beaches along the Krabi coastline which can be visited for snorkeling. It takes around 700 baht for the whole trip which includes lunch.

One can even visit these islands along the Krabi coastline in a private long-tail boat and avoid the huge crowd. Towards the north of Aonang there are several deserted tidal beaches which include Haad Nooharat Thara. This beach can be easily accessed by jogging from Aonang. Usually people like to visit this beach in the morning. Towards the south of Aonang is the Phra Nang Cape and one rounding this cape enters the Nam Mao Bay. Even Railay beach is situated towards the south of Aonang. The Su San Hoi or the Shell Cemetery which is a graveyard with 75000 year old fossiled shells also lies in the Krabi coastline. The rocks in this place are protruding out in peculiar shapes making it a very interesting place of visit. If one enters the national park from the sea and avoids the roadway he can save 200 baht which is charged to people visiting the park by road.

The other island very popular on the Krabi coastline is the Phi Phi Islands. A modern speedboat can be hired for about 1200 baht for visits to the Maya bay and smaller parts of the island which are inaccessible otherwise. Lunch is usually done at Phi Phi Don. One can do swimming, snorkeling and even relax on the beaches. Thus a day's trip to the Phi Phi Ialnds along the Krabi Coastline is the best, but one can even stay at Phi Phi Don at night if desired. A regular ferry is not recommended to the Phi Phi Islands as it is slow and takes a much longer time. Thus the Krabi coastline is rich in plenty of spectacular islands enhancing the beauty of the coastline.

Last Updated: 23 May 2008