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In common terms, National Parks are declared as reserves placed under the authority of National governments of a country. Primarily, reserve tracts of land far from the reach of destructive human activities are designated as National Parks. Falling under the IUCN category II, National Parks are placed far away from the harmful effects of pollution.

ational Parks have the perfect atmosphere for raring up endangered species of plants and animals. Diverse eco systems and an extreme biodiversity can also be noticed in this reserve land. With the Nature kept intact with its natural splendor and glory, the National Parks are probably the best places to spot some varied range of flora and wildlife. An indispensable part of the country's natural treasure and an indispensable part of the tourism industry, National Parks needs to be protected at any cost.

The South East Asian country of Thailand is immensely popular for its natural beauty. Lovely beaches, limestone cliffs and isolated islands have made this country a popular tourist destination in recent years. A paradise for nature lovers, Thailand acts as bait for wildlife buffs too. Tourists visiting the country will come across a number of National Parks. Scattered in different islands and provinces, the total number of National parks in Thailand adds up to 102, which also includes 21 marine national parks. Statistics reveals that a good number of 33 national parks are yet to make their appearances in Thailand. National Parks in Thailand however are defined as an area which is spread over ten square kilometers and comprises of natural resources which are valuable from the ecological point of view as well as a great variety of colorful flora and fauna. The National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (DNP), which is also a component part of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is the governing body over the national parks in Thailand. This was created in 2002 as earlier the parks were placed under the jurisdiction of the Royal Forest Department of the Ministry of Agriculture. Among the various National Parks in Thailand, those in the Krabi province of southern Thailand are the most visited and well known ones.

National Parks in Krabi make for great tourist attractions. Nature is at its best in Krabi and less commercialization has made the province a favorable zone for the national parks to grow up. National Parks in Krabi are simply spectacular. Tourists visiting the National Parks in Krabi will simply be bowled over by the rich diversity of seasonal flowers blooming throughout the vast area. Not only that, National Parks in Krabi covers vast stretches of the coastline, beaches and islands. The greenery all around, inlets and bays makes the perfect environment for all sorts of birds and wild animals to thrive. Since the National Parks in Krabi make for great tourist attractions and in turn gives a boost to the economy of the country, guided tours to the parks are available. Many of the National Parks in Krabi are also inhabited by local groups who can provide for some relevant and unusual piece of information about the species of plants and animals to be located. Thus the National Parks in Krabi play a vital role in eco tourism as well. With several nature trails available for the adventure tourists, there is no better way to explore the beauty and diversity of the National Parks in Krabi. Perfect bonus to a holiday in this province of Thailand, the National Parks in Krabi gives you the perfect opportunity to locate the wild animals in their natural habitat. The National Parks in Krabi make for the best nestling grounds for a wild variety of birds. If desired, tourists can also spend a night or two in the wilderness as bungalow type accommodations and tents are available for the visitors at some of the National Parks in Krabi.

Some of the well known National Parks in Krabi include:

  • Hat Noppharat Thara National Park
  • Khao Phanom Bencha National Park
  • Khao Phra - Khao Nor Chuchi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Thung Theo Park
  • Than Bokkharani National Park
  • Koh Lanta Marine National Park

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008