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Krabi Shell Cemetery

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It is a truth that the greatest of wonders are found in Nature itself and one such wonder can be located in one of the southern province of Thailand, namely Krabi. Famed as the Krabi Shell Cemetery, it is undoubtedly one of the greatest natural phenomenons's that has found a place in human history. The Krabi Shell Cemetery is makes for one of the greatest attractions in Krabi. Situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from the town of Krabi and nearly 17 kilometers from Ban Laem Pho and in close proximity to the Laem Pho Village, a visit to the Krabi Shell Cemetery makes for an important part of the travel itinerary while visiting the Krabi province in Thailand. Known to be around 75 million years old, the Krabi Shell Cemetery can also be defined as a graveyard for shells and comprises of fossilized shells of snails.

The entire coastline of the Susan Hoi beach is full of concrete blocks quite resembling sheets of flat rocks piled on top of each other. However a close inspection will reveal the actual truth, that they are not sheets of rocks piled on each other but are the remains of thousands and thousands of snails, layered upon each other to form the geometric shape. Surely bulky, these formations at the Krabi Shell Cemetery are great surprises to mortal eyes. It is definitely unusual and that is why the Krabi Shell Cemetery is one of its kinds in Asia.

The origin of the Krabi Shell Cemetery can be traced long back in time. It is said that earlier, there was a huge fresh water swamp at Ban Laem Pho and it was home to a number of snails. Due to certain changes in the global weather pattern, the fresh water swamp soon became extinct leading to the death of countless snails. With time, the snail shells got fossilized and massive and long stretches of sheets of the fossil snail shells were formed. The forces of Nature worked upon them and gradually the sheets were eroded away and broke into finer ones. Tourists visiting the Krabi Shell Cemetery in recent time will find them scattered along the entire shore lining the Cape Laem. For whom studying Nature and changes in the Earth's surface is a passion, the Krabi Shell

Other then the snail cemetery itself, attractions at the Krabi shell Cemetery includes a number of shops selling souvenirs made of shells. Items worth a buy include decorative items, jewellery, picture frames and others. Reaching the Krabi Shell Cemetery is convenient enough owing to the easy availability of Songtaews from the Maharat Road in Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008