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Smaller Islands of Krabi

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Krabi is known for the splendid beauty of its beaches that captivate the traveler with its charm. The well-known islands of Krabi are sited on its coastline that extends to the Phang Nga Bay from the north and towards the south behind Koh Lanta, and is dominated with mud-covered shores and marshes of mangrove.

Smaller islands of Krabi

Among the other islands of Krabi are the Phi Phi islands, which are a part of the Krabi Province. There are three other groups of islands in Krabi which are located off-shore and are counted among the off shore islands.

The first group of islands of Krabi is called the Koh Dam, visible from the prime tourist hub of Ao Nang and Pha Nang. The Koh Dam group of islands of Krabi is named after its two large members, the Koh Dam Hok and Koh Dam Kwan. Koh in local language means 'island'. Each of these has an impressive beach and is flanked by ten smaller rock islands. The Koh Dam Hok Islands also provide rooms in bungalows, set against the backdrop of mountains and are run by the Krabi Resort at Ao Nang. The interesting shape formed by the two beaches is unusual and certainly worth a stopover. A tourist can opt for the long-tail boats that ferry from the mainland to the islands in half an hour.

The second group of islands of Krabi is the Koh Hong Islands, located in the north. It is named after the 'hong', which is a Thai name means room in the middle of the island. The island boasts of a spectacular beach. Originally, a cavern structure had collapsed inwards and eroded to sea level and now there is only a large lake left with a tiny passage in the sea. By a long-tail boat it would take more than an hour to reach these islands of Krabi and during high tide, one can swim in the water in the rocky area, which is a meter deep.

The third cluster of islands of Krabi is known as the Koh Pak Bia. This group of soaring Sea Mountain has a typical beach. Since the vertical walls of the rocks fall into the sea there is less space for beaches here. The group located to the north of Koh Hong can be explored in a long-tail boat in a day's trip from Krabi.

Koh Poda Island

The Koh Poda or Poda Island of Krabi, as it is popularly called is located around half an hour from Ao Nang by boat or 8 kilometers offshore. The island, which is more than a kilometer wide, is surrounded by a white sand beach and palm trees. About 20 kilometers from the beach lay a coral reef with an amazing array of sea life. The travelers to island of Krabi can enjoy snorkeling; explore the white sand and the breathtaking landscape that the island offers all the year round.

Koh Gai Island

The Koh Gai/ Kai or Hua Khwan in Krabi consists of steep cliffs on one end and beautiful beaches on the other end of the island. It makes an unusual shape resembling the neck of an ostrich or chicken and so is commonly referred to as the Chicken Islands. This is a small island of Krabi, created during high tide, when the peninsula gets flooded. The island offers exciting opportunities for the adventurous traveler like snorkeling and experiencing amazing coral life. This island of Krabi is accessible all round the year.

Talu Island

The Talu Island is a tiny island of Krabi, about 45 meters high with odd rock formations and several swifts that make available nests for the Bird's Nest Soup, which is a Chinese delicacy. The word 'Talu' means to pass through and there is a 30 meter hole in the centre, which is in all probability the resultant of natural erosion.

Koh Tap And Mor Islands

The Tap and Mor Islands of Krabi are situated close by and one can stroll by the side of the white walkway from one island to the other.

During the months from May to October, which is the monsoon season, some of the islands in Krabi are not accessible to visitors.

Koh Hong Islands

The Koh Hong or Hong Kong islands in Krabi are located around 25 kilometers to the north-west of Ao Nang. The small islands enchant the visitor with their magnificent lagoons and beaches. They are home to several varieties of multicolored fish, starfish and sea eagles towering above. A traveler can go sea kayaking in the low water or go on an exploratory trip in the caves. These islands are also accessible from the Koh Yao Islands in Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008