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3 days at Krabi

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Krabi is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. Though the place is not as commercialised as some of the other popular destinations like; Phuket, Pataya, Phi Phi or even Bangkok, it attracts a decent crowd who love to relax and bask in the peaceful white sandy beaches of Krabi. The incredible tropical waters, white sandy beaches, the surrounding greenery and the people gives you a totally different feel that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Krabi is located at an approximate distance of an hour's boat ride from Phuket. Being a less developed and a quieter place as compared to Phuket, Pataya or Bangkok, the place still boasts of some amazing sea vistas and natural beauty that can be experienced by just peacefully lying down on the dazzling beaches. However Krabi is not just known for its beaches and peace. There are many more things one can do while staying at Krabi.

There are a huge number of untouched and uninhabited exquisite islands one can choose to visit. A short boat ride can get you to any of these islands you choose to visit. You can even plan a picnic with family or friends at one of these islands as the entire beach or island will be for your private self. Rock climbing is another interesting activity one can try their hand at. Professional rock climbers give basic lessons on the sport that will help you climb a steep slope with much ease. However energetic a person you are, sea kayaking is one sport that can drain you off all your energy. Professional kayaks are available all along the beach coast line that can be hired at a reasonable price and one can venture out in the open sea all by yourself or with friends and explore the surrounding islands. Scuba diving amongst same great reefs and waters is also a popular sport that attracts a great deal of the tourist crowd. The waters of Thailand are home to many species of fishes, plants and corals. It is best if one could hire help from a professional scuba diver who can show you the best parts of the beautiful waters.

There are so many things one can do while at Krabi. Shopping in the Krabi town market is something everyone must do as the stuff here is pretty cheap and reasonably priced. If not for anything you can just laze at one of the beach side bars and shacks enjoy the simple beauty of Krabi.

Day one of the three day stay in Krabi


On arrival in Krabi on day one the best thing to do is to find accommodation for your self. There are many places in and around Krabi where one can find a good place to stay at, ranging from shacks, hotels, guest houses and lodges. Once you have settled down a little, one can hang out at one of the beach side cafes and bars sipping their favourite drink or just simply relaxing after the tiresome journey. Since this is the first day at Krabi, most people who come down here like to explore the place, visiting the local market and Krabi town.

What to do:

The beach is filled with shacks, restaurants cafes and bars all playing different kinds of music to attract the touristy crowd. The food is pretty good and priced reasonably here. So since this is only the first day at Krabi one can settle down and have a nice appetising Thai meal and relax for a while. The beach is surrounded and populated with hundreds of small islands which are very beautiful. Therefore one can even hire a Kayak and go kayaking to any of the nearby islands which is quite a popular activity these days. Kayaking is fun especially when you are in a group of friends who are equally sporty and can get engaged in a kayak race. At the end of all this it would almost be time for the sun to set. At this hour most tourist prefer to watch the sun go down which is an excellent sight. You can carry crates of beer or any of your favourite drink, go for a walk to the spot that best suits you and watch the sun set is an experience one can never forget.

Night Life:

Once the sun has set, Krabi has a totally different feel altogether. The entire place is lit with colourful lights, gentle music, and some great aromas of exquisite Thai cuisine lingering in the air. You can go for a stroll on the beach or just laze under the moon listening to the gentle waves. Since this is just the first day at Krabi, it is best to just relax and try knowing the place and relaxing rather than mess the first day with too many activities which can be postponed for the remaining two days.

Day two of the three day stay in Krabi

After having relaxed for at least most part of day one at Krabi, there are many activities one can engage themselves with on day two and three. Once awake and after finishing off with a heavy breakfast one can either choose to go trekking by foot or on an elephant back. Elephant trekking is a very popular activity in Krabi where trained elephants carry tourists on its back and take you on a trek through the thick jungles of Krabi. One need to know that the elephant don't travel on any fixed path and pretty much wander about anywhere as they feel. Yet the experience is defiantly enjoyable. It is best advised to carry along a hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water as it can get pretty hot out there.

After the short trek, one should defiantly visit the famous Tiger Cave Temple which is located at a distance of approximately eight kilometres towards the northern part of Krabi. It is basically a series of caves and a small community of Buddhist monks. However the highlight of the caves is the 1237 step climb to the top from where you can get an excellent view of the surroundings. There is also a huge statue of Lord Buddha where one can offer prayers or spend some time in meditation.

After visiting the Tiger Cave Temple, one can hire a boat and go visiting all the many islands. There are various packages to choose from, the four island trip, the eight island trip or even more if you can hire a speed boat to save time. Visiting the various islands in and around Krabi will give you a lot of knowledge about the eco system of the place and also a chance to learn a lot about the flora and fauna that captivates every individual. While visiting these islands, one can engage themselves in snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving or even feeding fishes. Feeding fishes may seem very simple but the joy you get while doing it is something one cannot forget. Just a loaf of bread which is easily available will be enough to feed as many fishes as you like with your bare hands. The speed boats will get you back to the main Krabi beach before sunset where you can relax after the long day and enjoy a drink and dinner before hitting the bed.

Day three of the three day stay in Krabi

Since this will be your last day at Krabi, it is best advised to have your luggage packed before heading out to avoid confusion at the last hour. Even though it is the last day at Krabi, there are still many things one can do while at Krabi. Towards the southern part of Krabi province are natures very own hot Jacuzzi tubs which are nothing but natural hot water springs where one can go, relax and laze in the hot water which will wash you away off all body pain and relax the body and mind. The experience is definitely soothing and is something one should definitely try as natural springs are not commonly seen everywhere. It is a known fact that Thai massages are among the best massages in the world. After bathing in the hot water spring, one should definitely take a Thai massage. Professional massages are given to guests and customers at hotels, resorts and even on the beach at reasonable rates. However, the prices may slightly be exorbitant if it is at a five star hotel or a lavish spa or resort.

The massage may last between an hour and two after which one should definitely visit the Krabi town market itself. The market is home to almost anything one is looking for. Branded and unbranded products make it to the Thai markets which are all of good quality and a great bargain. Most people buy stuff from Thailand in bulk as they leave the place as the clothing and other articles are very cheap and of good quality. Therefore shopping at Krabi definitely has to get into your priority list while at Krabi.

Meeting new people, knowing their culture and trying to learn the local language is again a favourite pastime among many tourists.

As the sun begins to set, don't forget to watch your last sunset as this will defiantly be an experience you cannot forget. Make new friends, know more locals, try all possible Thai cuisine specialities as these things will definitely prove to be helpful for you next visit.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008