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Phang Nga Bay

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Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay contains many islands. The most famous among these islands are the James Bond Island and the Koh Pannyi, with exotic natural beauty.

The Koh Pannyi or the Gypsy Island is built upon stilts guarded by a huge rock towards the rear side. This island on the Phang Nga Bay is a beautiful village with various shops with local handicrafts. Tourists from the James Bond Island are brought here during the lunch time to have their food and do some local shopping. Soon after the departure of the tourists the restaurants close down and the whole atmosphere turns into a fishermen community.

Most of the islands of the Phang Nga Bay are uninhabited. Most of the islands in the Phang Nga Bay have amazing caves which can be accessed by inflatable kayaks. Koh Hong is the most popular among these islands. Khao Khien is an island which is near Koh Pannyi and it is worth a sail to this island because of the beautiful paintings of boats and animals on the walls of the rocks. Koh Maak is a island which is situated at the top of the Phang Nga Bay and is inhabited by a small community of fishermen without any arrangement for the tourists like accommodation and food. So it is recommended that if somebody visits this island which not there in any tour itenary one should carry his own food. The Phang Nga Bay is a place where tourists can enjoy boating. The Phang Nga Island is protected from the northeast. The water remains calm even during the southwest monsoons monsoon, thus making it comfortable for the tourists to boat throughout the year. The Phang Nga Bay is also very popular for its wildlife.

Beauty of Phang Nga Island

The scenic beauty of the island can be enjoyed in a single day. A launch from any place from the east coast of Phuket will take the tourists to the Phang Nga Bay. Visitors can even the visit the Phang Nga Island by a long-tail boat or a speedboat. Tourists can even access a canoeing tour or a can join a cruise or can even charter a yacht. The Phang Nga Bay also has various launching sites on the province mainland which includes Ka Sohm Pier in Takua Thung district located to the south of Phang Nga Town. The Phang Nga Bay is covered with white limestone cliffs which enhances the beauty of the island. The aquatic mangrove remains the secret glory of the Phang Nga Island. Thus the Phang Nga Island is a must visit for the tourists who are planning for a tour to Thailand.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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Phang Nga Bay