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Phi Phi Islands in Krabi from the Phi Phi Viewpoint

Thailand's most happening and sensational island is the Phi Phi Islands. This is the main point of attraction for the tourists visiting Thailand. The Phi Phi Islands are located at a distance of about 48 kilometers east of Phuket and is 42 kilometers south of Krabi. The islands have also appeared in the blockbuster movie "The Beach".

Beauty of Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands consist of two islands: the larger one is the Phi Phi Don which stretches over a distance of 28 kilometers and the smaller is the Phi Phi Lei. Phi Phi Don Island has a length of about 8 kilometers and the broadest point of the island is 3.5 kilometers. There are two curving bays with exceptional beauty namely the Tonsai and the Loh Dalam. Long beaches with rocks everywhere are an excellent feature of this island. The island forms a part of a protected maritime park. The white sandy beach with beautiful grooves of palm trees and the steep limestone cliffs rising from the Andaman sea makes this island a superstar. On the other hand Phi Phi Lei is about 6.6 kilometers in total area, 3 kilometers long and is 1 kilometer at the broadest point. There are beautiful cliffs around this limestone island. The Phi Phi Lei Island consists of several bays such as Maya and Loh Samah and Pileh. The beauty of Phi Phi Island is primarily bestowed by a large chunk of allure, which looks like a fortress when approached by a boat. The cliffs surrounding the island gives way to a beach fronted jungle. A tourist can easily take the ferry services available at regular intervals from Phuket or Krabi or Koh Lanta. People ready for bit expensive tour can even get to the Ph i Phi Islands in chartered boats.

Things to do in Phi Phi Islands

The other most attracting feature of the Phi Phi island is an unique attribute which is very rarely found in this world. Among the two islands, Phi Phi Lei has no human inhabitants where as on the other hand the Phi Phi Don Island has no road network thus making the island accessible by speedboats or the long-tail boats. The island is peaceful without any hustle. The most important attribute is that the Phi Phi Island is not very expensive. It is fairly affordable, so no one feels a pinch in their pockets. The accommodations available in Phi Phi Islands are not expensive.

Diving and snorkeling are the most exciting activities tourists can do in Phi Phi Islands to spend the whole day. There is a massive playground in the island, with crystal clear waters for a clear visibility of the rich marine life under water. A long-tail boat or a water taxi can be easily hired for local sight seeing which mainly consists of remote beaches as well as private caves. Other activities common in this island are sunbathing, rock climbing, cliff diving and reading. Hiking is also carried out in plenty in the Phi Phi Island. Yachtsmen and scuba divers find this island a place for utmost calm and peace.

Last Updated: 20 May 2008

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