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Phi Phi Islands

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Phi Phi view from Carpe Diem of Tonsai Bay

Actually, Koh Phi Phi is not just one island, but again divided into two, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lee. The islands and the surrounding areas are famous for their diving opportunities and a large number of dive operators offers day-trips and excursions.

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The Phi Phi Islands are situated between Phuket and the Krabi mainland area and from both places the trip to Phi Phi takes between 90 and 120 minutes. Tour operators provide transport and tour packages to this popular destination from Phuket and Krabi. From Krabi, regular boat service is available from Jao Fah pier.

Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi Don is the bigger of both of the islands and is blessed with magnificent views and superb beaches lining its southern and eastern shores. There is ample natural shelter for mooring in the shadow of stunning rocks around the islands.

The nowadays inhabitants of Phi Phi are a Moslem subgroup of the mysterious or Sea Gypsies. They inhabit a small village on Phi Phi Don in Ton Sai Bay. Estimates on Phi Phi's number of residents vary from 500 to 2000.

Guest houses, bungalows and hotels are offering accommodation. They range from basic to moderate, but since Phi Phi is part of a National Marine Park, only a limited number of beds are available.

However the greater proportion of visitors to Phi Phi arrive here on planned day-trips. They basically all follow the same program - lunch at certain restaurants, snorkeling at certain shores, souvenir buying at certain stores.

Phi Phi Lee

Phi Phi Lee is the small sister of Phi Phi Don and only about six square kilometers in size. In contrast to Phi Phi Don this smaller island has few beaches, no flat land and is not inhabited. Instead it is characterized by steep, lightly vegetated cliffs and abundant coral reefs. Its plentiful marine life and underwater caves make for excellent diving. Maya Bay, location of movie shooting for "The Beach" (1998) with Leonardo diCaprio, is maybe the most famous postcard motive in Southern Thailand.

Besides Maya Bay, a number of dive sites are target for divers and snorkelers from Phi Phi Don. Surrounding waters average about 20 meters in depth, reaching 34 meters at the deepest point off the island's southern tip.

Maya Bay

Phi Phi Island is high on the list of things to do to when in Phuket, most tourists want to see Maya Bay at least ones in their lifetime.

This stunningly beautiful bay is surrounded by steep limestone cliffs that rise vertically out of the crystal clear emerald green water.

Viking Cave

In the northeast of Phi Phi Lee is the Viking Cave, a place much revered by the local people who come here to collect the swift's nests used to make Bird's Nest Soup, a Chinese delicacy.

Between one and two thousand years ago cave dwellers painted symbolic images on the grotto walls, depicting Viking-like sailing vessels, stylized human beings and elephants.

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Black Tip Reef Shark at Phi Phi Long Beach
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