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Prutiew Hot Springs

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A beauty of Krabi remains undiscovered if one does not visit the Prutiew Hot Springs. Thus if you are planning to visit Krabi in Thailand, then one name must be there in your tour itinerary and the name is of 'Prutiew Hot Springs'. The Prutiew hot springs is located towards the south of Krabi, at a distance of a about 70 kilometers from the main town of Krabi. The Prutiew Hot Springs are close to the forest area of Khao Nor Chu Chi. After a visit to this place it seems that the hot springs are nature's own hot tub Jacuzzis. The Prutiew Hot Springs are a major tourist attraction, mainly because of the hot water gushing from thermal springs. The Prutiew Hot Springs originate from volcanic craters which are deep underground. The Prutiew hot springs is located amidst a jungle and is made of smooth stones. There are 'bathtub' like holes in the smooth stones. These holes are filled with water at a temperature of 35 to 40 centigrade. This water is mainly the running spring water.

Beauty of Prutiew Hot Springs

The water of the Prutiew Hot Springs is believed to be therapeutic, as the mineral salts present in the water provides remedy to various diseases such as rheumatism or skin problems or backache. These medical claims have not been proved yet but tourists do not bother about this fact much because of the beautiful ambience of the Prutiew hot springs and tourists believe that a day spent in the Prutiew Hot Springs certainly nourishes and heals with positive effects.

It is just like spending time in a Jacuzzi filled to the brim with hot water, the added advantage being one can also gaze at the open sky and enjoy in the restful environs. Once intended to go to this beautiful place, one can book a car and visit the Prutiew Hot Springs all by himself. One can even take the help of a local travel agent to arrange a trip for him.

A visit to the Prutiew Hot Springs is thus highly recommended for the tourists visiting Thailand as one of the finest Jacuzzi of the nature is found at this part of Krabi. Not only this, one can even come across the positive waves relating to their health.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008