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Tham Lawt Cave

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On a visit to the Phang Nga Bay in Krabi, tourists are recommended to visit the Tham Lawt caves which is also included in the tour itinerary. Tham Lawt is near to Phang Nga Bay.

Tham Lawt Cave is a large cave but the kayaking companies have capitalized on the beauty of this place. They have suitably used the area for paddling, thus kayaking can be done in this area as various travel agencies in Phuket and Krabi arranges the kayaks. Thus one can enjoy a day out with lots of fun paddling the boats through these elegant water caves. The most interesting sights of the Phang Nga Bay is Koh Phan Yee which is Muslim fishing village. Each and every dwelling of this village is stilted beneath a karst cliff and is surrounded by water on all sides. It has been two centuries that the village is settled here mainly for the defensive purpose and its nearness to the sea. The 200 families dwelling in this village are said to be the descendents of just two families who had migrated and settled here. The turrets of the island's mosque enhance the beauty of this village. Fishing is the main activity of the villages and the lunch provided to the tourists on the boats are made by them. There are plenty of restaurants serving fresh seafood in the narrow piers that dissect the village. Many shops are also found at this place. One can visit the school, the shops and can help the local people by buying something from there. There are a few people who lend their homes for the tourists to stay but staying is not very popular here. When the tsunami hit the Phang Nga Bay on the 26th of December 2004 many kayakers who had come to visit the Tham Lawt lost their lives. The village was also flooded.

Beauty of Tham Lawt caves

The Phang Nga Bay is an integral part of a 400 kilometers national park. Due to the earth's faulty movement many limestone blocks were pushed up and resulted in the creation of 40 islands of towering karst that creates mind blowing scenery. Cliffs and caves formed over millions of years are covered with green vegetation. A number of tidal canals and channels pass the mainland and can be accessed by boats. The upper reaches are covered with mangrove forests and support a variety of wild life as well as marine lives. One can even visit the Sa Nang Manora forest park by hiring a car. The bay however cannot be fully admired from the car but the landscape is full of towering karst. The park has astounding scenery with waterfalls and a lot of hiking trials that criss cross the waterfalls. To the south of the Phang Nga Bay are two islands which are still inhabited such as the Yao Noi an dthe Yao Yai. There are a number of resorts and bungalows in these islands where people can spend some peaceful moments away from the hustle of Phuket. Boats from Phuket to the Phang Nga Bay are several times a day.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008