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Tonsai - a holiday destination

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Tonsai is a beach that is located near Krabi Town in Thailand. Tonsai is greatly cherished by the people who love outdoor activities. It consists of abundant natural resources such as rivers, valleys, rocks, rocks and hills and hence the adventure lovers can play a number of games such trekking, rock climbing and sea-Kayakaying. Even if you are not an expert in playing outdoor games the instructors will guide you to play. But it is not a very suitable place for the swimming activity because the tides of the sea are very fast and the area is very rocky.

The rocks of Tonsai are made of limestone and they are the largest coral reef of the world, that stretch from China to Papua New Guinea. There are about 700 routes to climb the rock. The climbers must choose the route to climb depending upon their experience and expertise.

About the activities of Tonsai

The activities that mainly take place on the beach are rock climbing and Kayaking. Tonsai is an adorable place for shopping also. On occasions like 'full moon' day or 'black moon days' many celebrities gather here and celebrate parties.

If you want to stay here for a day or more then you can find many places for accommodation on the hills. But in Tonsai, you cannot enjoy a visit to restaurants here as the food they prepare is just ordinary.

This area of Tonsai was discovered by the trekkers while climbing the mountains. The area was then converted into a place of adventures and later on sea-resorts, restaurants and some shops were built.

The visitors of Tonsai are also fascinated by the sunrise and sunset that is clearly visible to their eyes. They cannot view such a lovely scenery elsewhere. Still, most of the visitors just prefer sitting down comfortably on a deckchair and enjoy the sip of a cold beer. Most of them dance around the fire during the night time. These activities really revitalize the minds of the people who come here

Tonsai a place that attracts tourists from all over the world. If you happen to visit any bar here you can enjoy the game of limbo with fire. Besides, you can enjoy looking at the sight of a ferry and wait for the ferry to take you to Krabi.

Other attractions about Tonsai

The other great attraction of Tonsai is the waterfall. It is located 22 kilometers from the northbound Thep Kasattri Road. You can find a small layer of waterfall across a leafy trail and it flows from the limestone mountain ranges and joins the pool of water.

About Tonsai Accommodation

The Tonsai Bay resort is the greatest place for accommodation. You can make your trip really enjoying if you accommodate in Tonsai. The bungalow is made up of limestone Cliff mountain and is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden.

In order to build resorts, restraints and shops in this area, the natural vegetation was destroyed. Hence the place has lost the real beauty that existed before.

Tonsai is a great place for relaxation and attaining a calm state of mind.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008