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Wat Klong Tom and Wat Sai Thai in Krabi

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Thailand can well be described as a land of pagodas and beautiful temples. Since the religious life of the country is its biggest asset and forms an important part of the cultural and social scenario, visitors will find a number of notable temples scattered throughout the various provinces and districts. The southern province of Thailand named Krabi has the reputation of housing two such important temples. Preserving the relics of the past and also upholding the sanctity of the religious beliefs and customs, the Wat Klong Temple in Krabi and the Wat Sai Thai Temple in Krabi are real specimens of art and the cultural heritage of the country.

The Wat Klong Temple in Krabi also serves the purpose of a museum and is situated in the Khlong Thom district. This district is in the eastern side of the Krabi town and the Wat Klong Temple in Krabi is located at a distance of 1 kilometer from the Official District Headquarters. One of the notable tourist attractions in Krabi, the Wat Klong Temple in Krabi serves a dual purpose. Among the historical relics preserved at the museum of the Wat Klong Temple in Krabi are priced ancient stones, pottery, coins and tools made out of bronze.

The second most important attraction in this respect is the Wat Sai Thai in Krabi. Although it can't be designated as a proper temple, the place still plays a vital role in the life of the people. Much of the action revolves around the place and it is the main hub during social functions like weddings and other Buddhist events and festivals. The main attraction of the Wat Sai Thai in Krabi is the statue of the reclining Buddha. About 15 m in height, the statue is placed on a rock shelter under one of the many limestone cliffs and is worth visiting. Wat Sai Thai in Krabi falls on the main route number 4034, on the way to Ao Nang. The place is situated 7 kilometers away from Krabi on the main road route. Even if not a proper temple, Wat Sai Thai in Krabi is looked after by some monks voluntarily. The surroundings of the Wat Sai Thai in Krabi are beautiful with a huge tree in front of the cliff makes for a great view from the distance. Apart from the reclining Buddha, other attractions at the Wat Sai Thai in Krabi includes a bell tower, some reliquary stupas (thaat kraduuk) and the foundation of a cremation hall which was being built when the place was used properly and purposefully.

So apart from the Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave) Temple in Krabi, the Wat Klong Temple in Krabi and the Wat Sai Thai in Krabi makes for the most important temples to be paid a visit while visiting Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008