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Krabi Business | Something about Krabi money changing

Exchanging your dollars, euros and pounds for Krabi money is very favorable as even a few hundred dollars leaves you loaded with Krabi Baht. With Krabi money changing being so feasible where there are not much fees to pay, you find Krabi money changing to be rather practical.

Check rates before considering Krabi money changing

In Krabi money changing, the banks usually quote their own rates with their percentage fees, which is about 3 - 5%. The rates for Krabi money changing through traveler's cheques or cash is about 5% more than direct debits. These rates don't actually vary much, unless you are lost in the airport or a plush resort; so there is basically no need of shopping around for the right rates.

Automatic tellers help you with Krabi money changing

If you don't want to waste time signing bits of paper and showing your passport to the exchange bureau and stuff, you could use the help of ATMs for your Krabi money changing. However it is advisable to first check with your bank to find out if the fees for money withdrawal through ATM cards are reasonable. There are many automatic tellers in Krabi, even in small towns, to help you with Krabi money changing. You can withdraw a maximum of 20,000 Baht or US$500 or UK 300 pounds per day.

Though there is not much of pick pocketing, muggings and room theft in Krabi, it is not advisable to carry large wads of cash wherever you go. You can find 1000 and 500 Baht notes that ensure that your wallet does not grow too fat for you to carry. The ATMs in Krabi accept all international MasterCard, Visa, Switch, JCB and other selected cards.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008