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Krabi Business | Call back services are cheaper than Krabi phone calls

As Krabi phone call services is rather expensive in Krabi, if you intend to stay in Krabi for long periods of time, you had better consider setting up your own VoIP service. There are many alternatives for you to choose from. As the quality here is not up to the mark, you often find annoying delays in your Krabi phone calls.

Use Skype for your Krabi phone calls

Skype is a new technology that has improved the means of making Krabi phone calls for long distance calls. You will have to register, and furnish details of your credit card to avail of this service for your Krabi phone calls. However as some Krabi phone call services prove to be more efficient and reliable than others, it is really worth making comparisons.

You will of course need a computer to make comparisons, and also for your Krabi phone calls. This is because PC to PC calls are rather cheap, about a few cents a minute.. It is also possible to make a Krabi phone call directly to a phone call with this service.

There is another alternative, the Krabi call back services you can consider for Krabi phone calls. These are companies that are based in US having international rates that are cheapest because of its sheer economy of scale. It is cheaper to call Singapore from Krabi via a Florida exchange than through a local phone service.

With Krabi call back service, your Krabi phone call has no charge

To use the Krabi call back service, you have to first register to set up a direct debit on your credit card, while providing your home number. This done, you are issued a Krabi phone call to the US, where you have to make a single ring, and then hang up. With this, there is no charge for your Krabi phone call.

You are then called back, where you will be asked the phone number you intend to ring. The Krabi call back services cost about 10 cents a minute to US, and about 15 cents a minute for UK calls. Basically, the Krabi phone network is rather neglected, and poorly maintained. However most of the time, it is in working condition; this is the reason why most people in Krabi are now dependant on mobile networks and not other Krabi phone calls.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008