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Krabi Business | How to call back home cheaply with Krabi phone calls

Traveling in Asia may take its toll on you when you find that not many places in Asia, including Krabi offer cheap phone rates. Krabi phone calls prove to rather expensive, especially international phone calls. So if you are traveling in Krabi, it is better to know where you can make cheap Krabi phone calls when required.

Make Krabi phone calls from internet cafes

In this present age of electric communications, you find that you have quite a few options in making Krabi phone calls to your near and dear ones. The easiest and most practical opinion for your Krabi phone calls is to use the cheap calling services that are found in internet cafes and guest houses.

These joints are easy to find as they all display identical signs for cheap Krabi phone calls; they advertise as 'Calls 20 Baht'. These services offer two choices to make your Krabi phone calls. They have a call back service of a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) that turns an internet connection into a phone line for you to make your Krabi phone call.

Set your own VoIP service for your Krabi phone calls if you stay in Krabi

These Krabi phone call services cost about 25 Baht a minute to Europe and US. This cannot be considered a bargain to foreigners, but at least it is half the standard rates of Krabi phone call charges. The Krabi phone call charges to other countries and calls to mobile services prove to be rather expensive.

If you opt to live in Krabi, you could consider setting up your own VoIP service to make your Krabi phone calls. There are many alternatives for you to choose from in the internet. You may have to make comparisons between these different services to choose the best choice for your Krabi phone calls.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008