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Dressing in Krabi

Krabi Culture | Learn about Krabi dressing sense when staying in Krabi

It is but quite normal for a foreigner landing in Krabi wishing to work on their body tan or to head down to the gym to show off their physique. However before you actually start flexing your muscles in public or go topless in a beach, it is important that you first place some importance on Krabi dressing sense.

Though a naughty country, Krabi dressing sense is maintained in Krabi

Thailand is basically a country that is famous for its naughty fun. However in addition to this, the Thais have some conservative values that are well depicted in their Krabi dressing sense. The girls you find hanging out of go go bars are the only girls who dress the way they do in Krabi. Most of the other girls in Krabi are shy and modest, following a descent Krabi dressing sense.

Though you may find people rather friendly and not that complaining, remember that they follow strict protocols for behavior and a strict Krabi dressing sense. However because of Thai culture, they can't and don't actually tell you if you are rather offensive in your behavior with you.

Your Krabi dressing sense establishes your status in Krabi

Not only do Krabi people follow a strict Krabi dressing sense; they also judge you by your dressing. And for them, status is very important. They have of course, gotten used to the scrubby backpackers passing through their town every now and then. And they are and will treat you with due respect and friendliness during your stay here.

However if you need some official work done, where you have to visit an official, it is very important that you follow Krabi dressing sense when you go there. You will have to get your Sunday best on or at least a collared shirt, long pants and knee length dress or skirt with covered shoulders. So as long as you follow and respect Krabi dressing sense, you are sure to find your stay in Krabi much more enjoyable.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008