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Krabi table manners and etiquette

Krabi Culture | Some interesting aspects of Krabi table manners

Krabi table manners are rather different from the table manners you may have been taught since childhood. The greatest difference you find in Krabi table manners from your table manners is that food is generally shared here with no Victorian rules or mannerisms to follow while eating.

According to Krabi table manners, the host does all the ordering

If invited to a party, with Krabi table manners, it is the host who does all the ordering for the party. In doing so, it is their duty to ensure that all palates are catered for by ordering pork, fish, seafood, shrimps, chicken and vegetables in various dishes. Quite often, you will find a dish with all tastes; spicy, salt, bitter and sweet rolled in one. One typical example is the tom yum gung.

The most amazing Krabi table manners you have to learn is that food does not come at once, you will find a stream of food that just seems to keep coming and coming throughout the party. This leads to an important point in Krabi table manners; you don't just tuck in a meal like you had just crossed the Sahara! Krabi locals generally enjoy food, while enjoying conversations, laughter and other's company.

Krabi table manners state that you share food with others

With Krabi table manners, you will all be provided a plate of rice and a soup bowl which will be ladled with some food by someone near you. You then help yourself to a spread following Krabi table manners where you don't just keep shoveling your favorite curry onto your plate. There just may not be much left for others!

Instead, follow Krabi table manners by taking as much as you can eat in one or two mouthfuls, and savor it before moving to the next flavor. Following Krabi table manners, Thais basically like picking at food by helping to dishes a spoon at a time. So take your time and try everything at your table.

There is an interesting point in Krabi table manners that may pose to be a problem to you. Krabi table manners don't call for using knives at the table. This is because anyway, food is diced before cooking and because traditionally, Thais ate with their hands.

Many restaurants in rural areas and specialist restaurants still have their patrons eating with their hands, especially when eating rice and Asian food. However Krabi table manners have been refined now where you find Thais using a fork and spoon in most restaurants. However don't be surprised if you are expected to eat with your hands in some places!

Wait for the host before you order in Krabi:

When you go for a dinner or outing with Krabi locals, always remember to wait for the Krabi host to start eating before you start eating. The Krabi host is usually the biggest person at the table who picks up the entire tab. It is always better not to leave any food at a dinner, lest the Krabi host starts worrying.

Krabi food is rather spicy

This is because though you need not place your eating irons together when you finish eating; food that you leave makes the Krabi host think that you did not find the food tasty. This proves to be a big concern to locals. However when at a meal, remember that the food in Krabi is usually spicier than your food, so take tiny mouthfuls of new dishes.

Now you may wonder when you have to eat with chopsticks in your Krabi restaurant. As chopsticks are generally Chinese imports, you use them to eat noodles the most. However to many new to Krabi, eating with chopsticks will prove to be a rather tricky art as soft and dripping noodles are not easy to grasp between two sticks. When stuck, use the spoon they provide for help!

You gain respect in Krabi by paying for others' food

In Krabi, it is usually the wealthiest or most important person who is left to pick up the food bill. So if you are made to foot the bill in Krabi, you could take it as a compliment. You need not worry about the amount of the bill in Krabi as meals are cheap in Thailand where you can easily pay for 10 people without spending too much money.

Don't think that your footing of the bill in Krabi is a sign of locals being rude. To the locals of Krabi, people gain respect if they look after the stomachs of the less fortunate. However there should never be any fuss about who has to pay the bill at a dinner; this is a matter that has to be discreetly taken care of at all times.

Other than all this, there is actually no need of worrying or attending any finishing school to enjoy a dinner in Krabi. This is because everyone here is usually relaxed and friendly at the table in Krabi, with all that food that is shared and enjoyed by everyone.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008