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Songkran In Ao Nang

On the whole, Krabi is a very casual place where people in Krabi are friendly with tourists and foreigners. However when meeting people in Krabi, especially the important people, you create a serious impression of yourself when you dress well. The best attire for people in Krabi is silk attire while you are sure to get nods of approval if you wear the unique costume of Krabi.

People in Krabi wear flip-flops wherever they go

People in Krabi usually dress according to the weather. As it is searing hot in April, people in Krabi wear cotton clothes and casual clothing. However if you visit during the months of July till mid November, you end up in Krabi during its rainy season. Avoid wearing thick clothing in this period as you find it difficult to dry clothes this season. However the nights can be rather chilly, so don't forget rugs and sweaters for use during nights.

People in Krabi usually wear flip-flops or slip-ons as they keep removing their footwear when going indoors. This casual footwear is worn wherever the people of Krabi go; while climbing mountains, going to work, running, walking, cycling, anything! As most Krabi girls are short, they usually make themselves look taller by wearing heels.

People in Krabi follow new fashions in their dressing style

As the Thai girls in Krabi hate getting suntanned, they usually cover themselves from head to toe when going outdoors. Like all over the world, some traditions in a country tend to peter out with time; the same in Krabi. You would never have seen Krabi girls in mini skirts and tank tops about twenty years ago; today there are many Krabi girls wearing them.

Though scant dressing is accepted as per fashion norms, you will receive frowns if you walk the streets of Krabi in bra and hot pants. So as they say, when in Rome, act as the Romans do. So when Krabi, dress as the people in Krabi do by watching their dressing code and copying it.

Last Updated: 26 Mar 2008

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