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The name 'Krabi'

Krabi Culture | Some facts on the origin of the Krabi name

There is some confusion on the origin of the Krabi name. This is because there are two legends or theories to the Krabi name origin, where it has not been decided which of the two the true legend is.

The first legend associated with the origin of the Krabi name is based on a sword. It is said that the villagers of Krabi had presented an ancient sword or Krabi which they had discovered to the governor. They had later also found a smaller Krabi, which they also presented to the governor.

The sign of crossed swords have remained to be the seal of Krabi and Krabi name

As the governor considered these swords to be sacred and auspicious, the governor had decided to keep them in the province. This was the period when the establishment of the province was in progress.

And thus these swords were placed crossing each other in Koh Khanap Nam cave. It was since then that the sign of crossed swords have remained to be a part of the provincial seal of Krabi, and a connection to Krabi name. This is what has lead to the nomenclature of the name Krabi, of Krabi Island.

The name of a tree is associated to the Krabi name

The second legend associated to the origin of Krabi name stems from the name of a local tree called 'Lumphi'. It was because of the mispronunciation of its name by Malay and Chinese merchants that its name was changed to 'Ka-lu-bi' or 'Kho-lo-bi'. These changes finally led to the derivation of the Krabi name, or the sword.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008