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Topless sunbathing on Krabi beaches

Krabi Culture | Never go topless to Krabi beaches

Though the people in Krabi follow strict Thai etiquette rules, there are some compromises when you go visiting Krabi beaches. It is okay for you to roam on Krabi beaches in your Speedo or your bikini. However it is important that you cover up yourself after all your swimming and sunbathing is done, and when leaving Krabi beaches and heading in-land.

Dress yourself properly when outside Krabi beaches to retain your respect

The people of Krabi just can't tolerate groups of guys riding around topless in their swimwear when returning from Krabi beaches. Even scantily clad people are hard to tolerate here in Krabi. So just cover yourself properly when leaving Krabi beaches as remember, you are a guest here and would want to get respect from Krabi locals.

The reason for all this fuss of dressing in and out of Krabi beaches is because Thais don't actually sunbathe topless on Krabi beaches. In fact, they don't sunbathe at all; and if they do, they will never do it topless. So you can just imagine their thoughts and discomfort on seeing your breasts or you going for a skinny dip on Krabi beaches!

Temples are placed with high respect by the Thais

The place of worship for Thais is their temple, which is held in high respect by Thais. So when you visit a temple, always remember to remove your footwear before entering it. In addition to this, throw on a pair of long pants and sleeved shirt when entering these places of worship of the Thais, if you are scantily dressed.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008