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The tourist getaway of Krabi with its collection of remote islands and the finest of sand beaches makes for the perfect diving destination in Thailand. For the water freaks, there are innumerable diving sites in Krabi, one of the most prominent provinces in Southern Thailand. Most of the diving sites in Krabi are located in well known areas and hence access to them is very convenient. With a little guidance from an expert guide, you can surely treat yourself to one of the exclusive diving expeditions you have come across in a long time. The Krabi province of Thailand is extremely rich in diversity as far as the marine life is considered. Hence all the diving sites in Krabi give you the opportunity to explore the riches that lie embedded in the depths of the Andaman Sea.

However, among all diving sites in Krabi, it is the Ao Nang Area that is crowned with the best title. Ao Nang is a posh locality and makes for one of the famous beach areas in Krabi. Home to some of the well known resorts in Krabi, Ao Nang is rated as one of the spectacular diving sites in Krabi. For the professional divers as well as the beginners, the Ao Nang area offers a total of seven awesome diving sites in Krabi. Distinctive in their own way, the seven areas are placed near the Koh Poda Island and consist of the Koh Si, Koh Ha, Koh Dor, Koh Talu, Koh Yawabon, Koh Yawasam and G.K Island. With nearly 80 types of coral reefs and 200 diverse species of fish inhabiting the waters of the Andaman Sea, diving in Krabi is surely going to be highly rewarding. This entire area falls under the Hat Noppharat Thara - Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park so visitors can be assured that this is one of the well protected and safe diving sites in Krabi.

The Koh Ha area is notified for its 60 species of coral as well as the occasional visitors which includes squids, corals and groups of barracudas. If you are lucky enough, then you can even catch a glimpse of the leopard sharks basking away in the warmth of the sun at this diving site in Krabi. Next in succession comes Koh Si which makes for another awesome diving site in Krabi. The main highlight of Koh Si happens to be two extensive plateaus filed with colorful corals. The sight leaves you simply awestruck and thus gives tough competition to another well noted diving site in Krabi named Yawasam. In Koh Si divers will find the southern end of the island more interesting to explore as it is home to sea horses, scorpion fishes and large group of snappers. Contrastingly enough, the northern end of the island is famous for sponges, sea whips and coral reefs.

Koh Dor and Koh Talu makes for yet two more awesome diving site sin Krabi. If the western side of Koh Dor makes for the best diving spot, then Koh Talu boasts of its two shallow swimming points. These two swim through areas of Koh Talu often is frequented by barracudas and mantis shrimps. For the coral enthusiast, it is always Koh Dor that remains the first preference as the place abounds in soft and hard corals, sea fans and leather corals.

The world of corals makes another grand appearance at the G.K Island. One of the awesome diving sites in Krabi, G.K Island emerges as a tough contender with its unending stretch of coral reef in the southern part of the island. Koh Yawasam also claims a commendable position in the list of the most famous diving sites in Krabi. Not only for the corals and the sand beds, divers love the place for the red saddleback anemone fish that is a resident of the place.

However, it is the Koh Yawabon area that is crowned as the monarch of all the diving sites in Krabi. Voted by general consensus, the place is notable for its swim through area. Known to be the longest among all, the place is less crowded and is not disturbed by human influence. So the warm and calm waters are simply perfect for the divers to locate sting rays and large lobsters.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008