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The island destination of Krabi is really a slice of heaven. Virgin beaches, sandy coves, limestone cliffs jutting out into the sea, remote wind swept islands -- all make Krabi a dream destination for all wander lust at heart.

Where life is always in a flux and is a continuous celebration, Krabi boasts of a wonderful and rich marine life. The wonders of the sea can be better explored by trying out diving in Krabi. Colorful corals, fishes and wonders of the underwater kingdom all lure every visitor to Krabi to try diving at least for ones. A non competitive activity primarily meant for pleasure and thrill, diving is the latest buzz in the world of adventure tourism. Deep sea diving or scuba diving is mainly a leisure activity, meant for fun. However for whom diving is really a passion, diving in Krabi will surely be an enthralling experience. For beginners too, diving in Krabi will introduce you to a beautiful world and gift you with a new hobby and passion to explore.

Diving is a healthy exercise and refreshes both the mind and the body. Around the world, diving has become a popular activity and there is no better place to practice it rather than exploring the diving sites in Krabi. With lots of diving schools opening up in Krabi and shops lending out scuba diving gear, diving in Krabi has become a common recreation option. Apart from the locals, it is the overseas visitors who found diving in Krabi refreshing, relaxing and rewarding. The Ao Nang Beach is the best diving spot in Krabi.

The province of Krabi overlooks the shimmering, crystal clear Andaman Sea which remains calm and its warm waters are just perfect for the aquatic life to thrive. A place for all seasons, diving in Krabi is really an experience of a life time. Thailand is a diver's heaven and Krabi is the gateway to some of the best diving sites in the southern part of the country. However, the best time to go diving in Krabi is between the months of November to April.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008