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If you are a water creature, then there is nothing better than snorkeling in Krabi that you will enjoy. The act of swimming on the surface of the water with the aid of a diving mask and a snorkeling tube makes for a great water sport. So if you love to swim with the fishes and have the yearning to explore an entire kingdom of colorful corals in different shapes and sizes, make sure that you go on a snorkeling expedition in Krabi. Krabi, a notable southern province of Thailand is well known for its beaches and rugged limestone cliffs. The coastline and the beaches make Krabi one of the finest snorkeling destinations in Thailand. Snorkeling in Krabi makes for an immensely popular recreational option, both among the locals as well as the overseas visitors.

The province of Krabi has a number of islands within its dominion and some of them are perfect to try snorkeling. Of a total of 130 islands, the Koh Phi Phi Lee and Koh Lanta are far more reputed as sites for snorkeling in Krabi. Krabi is dotted with numerable sandy beaches among which Ao Nang, Railay are famous for snorkeling trips. The warm crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea make snorkeling in Krabi far more enjoyable. However, it is the Koh Lanta group of islands that draws the maximum number of tourists. This particular island group in Krabi is famous for its disjointed islands, lovely white sandy beaches which have its own share of attractions. To try snorkeling in Krabi and particularly at the Koh Lanta group of islands, visitors should try out the place called Koh Rok. This is one of the spectacular spots where snorkeling is a delight. This place consists of two islands and between them rests a massive stretch of coral reef. Other notable snorkeling points in Krabi are Hin Muang, Hin Daeng, Hin Bida, Koh Waen and Kingcruiser Wreck. Snorkeling in Krabi can also be highly rewarding if tourists decide to go on a snorkeling trip at the Long Beach. It's absolutely a thrilling experience to locate some of the black tip reef sharks at the Shark Point.

Snorkeling in Krabi is definitely an experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to see the marine life in their natural habitat is simply priceless. Some of the coral reefs are home to a wide variety of fishes. Other marine life that you can come across while snorkeling in Krabi includes starfish, sea urchins, sting rays, sea turtles, shrimps and jelly fish. So simply don't miss out the fun and make your trip of Thailand memorable by trying your hands at snorkeling in Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008