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Night Activities at Phi Phi Island

Krabi Nightlife | Krabi nightlife and bars

A tour to the Phi Phi Islands is incomplete without enjoying the nightlife at the island. The nightlife at Phi Phi Island provides the visitors a bunch of activities which include with plenty of bars and various clubs lighting up the island. Nightlife at the Phi Phi Islands have three interesting things: the buckets, the fire and the beautiful white sandy beach. The island then rocks with various rock music and hip-hops which makes the tourists dance to the rhythm of the song. Apart from the pubs and the bars at Phi Phi Islands, the nightlife is amazing with fir twirlers tossing and spinning the fireballs in the darkness. The Phi Phi Island's inhabitants are very professional about their crafts and any suggestions given to them are accepted with great gratitude. The other main activities of the nightlife at Phi Phi are the Thai boxing exhibitions and the cabaret dances. The visitors to the Phi Phi Island might have relaxed through the day but the nightlife really picks them up and one cannot ignore it. It is best for a couple to go to a bar and a dance by themselves. A variety of music is played in the bars starting from slow music to hip-hops and one can enjoy a cocktail along with the dance. People gather here from different parts of the world and exchange of various cultures happen here. One can even chill out at their own rooms and watch satellite television.

Bars at Phi Phi Island

The nightlife at Phi Phi Island is mainly concentrated in Phi Phi Don. There are plenty of restaurants which has both Thai and Western Cuisine. The most popular is the Mama Restro which is renowned for fish specialties. Le Grand Blue which is close to the pier is mostly known for Thai and French cuisine. Most of the bars are mainly on the beach mostly in the Tonsai area. The Raggae Bars is a very popular place with some pool tables, a boxing ring, a disco and free buckets for pummeling each other. The centre for nightlifeis mainly concentrated in the Phi Phi Island, where there is open air, and five bars along with few pool tables. Delicious drinks and dance are the main features of attraction at this place. Snorkeling is another important activity. The Carlito's is a faourite hang out place for the Swedish tourists with music coming from Carlito. One can even enjoy a drink on the beeches under the bright stars. A little far from this is the apache Bar, which plays music till eleven. The Tiger Bar and Hippie Bar are two late night bars. The Rolling stoned Bar is situated in the west of Tonsai and has few pool tables and buckets Jordan's Irish Pub at the corner. The Cape Diem bar is a natural wooden structure where people arrive early and sit with a mat and a drink on the beach. Ciao Bella and the Sunflower at the Loh Dalam Beach specialize in serving drinks, surfing while soft tunes are played at the background. After enjoying the night out one can easily sleep the next whole day.

Last Updated: 20 May 2008