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Krabi for single males

Krabi Overview | An introduction to the interesting world of Krabi nightlife

Though Krabi is a holiday destination for sports and water enthusiasts, it is also a wonderful place to head for relaxation through Krabi nightlife. You are sure to love taking in the scenery, while enjoying your drinks here. Unlike other places in Thailand, there is not much of a call for wild parties or raucous nightclubs in Krabi. You can find the most exciting Krabi nightlife in Phi Phi Island and around Ao Nang.

Single male visitors love Krabi nightlife

Male visitors should head to Krabi Town for night-time entertainment, and to the pockets of Ao Nang Beach. Even Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi offer the best there is for night-time entertainment in Krabi nightlife. If you are alone, the hostesses in Krabi nightlife are more than willing to join you for company.

Don't expect to find many go go bars in Krabi as they are less common here than in Bangkok, Pataya or Phuket. In fact, go go bars with scantily dressed dancers don't exist here in Krabi nightlife. If you want any female company, you had better head to the Thai karaoke bars or regular beer bars.

Take in the karaoke bars while exploring Krabi nightlife

There are some karaoke bars in Krabi town where you can invite hostesses to your table for a drink and a song. There is a small plaza of beer bars in Ao Nang where you find loud music that competes with each other to attract customers.

These bars are great to visit for both men and women. Tourists here are usually singles, couples or groups of friends of both sexes. The Soi is another place in Ao Nang that is located on a short side road opposite Krabi Sea view Resort. The set up here in Krabi nightlife is similar to that of beer bars, and are usually open till after hours.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008