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Krabi Overview | Plan a Krabi romantic getaway to bring back romance to life

A Krabi romantic getaway is the best way for you to bring some spark in your relationship. In fact, if you can't get the mood for love in a Krabi romantic getaway, then you can consider your relationship to be probably doomed!

Beaches provide the best place for a Krabi romantic getaway

For a successful Krabi romantic getaway, it is better that you avoid the organized tours for at least a day as these tours pack your boat or minivan to capacity, and don't give you any time for yourselves. What you should do instead, when on a Krabi romantic getaway is to hire a car with a driver or charter a long tail boat that takes you to the islands.

Take a picnic lunch on these Krabi romantic getaways, keep the wine chilled with ice from supermarkets and have the driver park the car far away from the crowd of tourists to Krabi. Remember, there is always a beach around the corner in Krabi for you to spend your Krabi romantic getaway!

Go sea kayaking for a Krabi romantic getaway

Another suggestion for a Krabi romantic getaway is a twosome in a kayak where you paddle through silent mangroves for a wonderful experience. In addition to activity, Krabi is also the right place for inactivity where you can have a wonderful Krabi romantic getaway with a pampering session in a hideaway spa.

There are many spas in Krabi that offer packages for couples on a Krabi romantic getaway like Tropical Herbal Spa and Leela Spa of Ao Nang and Bay view Spa in Railay Bay Resort.

The best way to end a Krabi romantic getaway would be with a sunset dinner. There are many beachside seafood restaurants offering excellent food and fantastic views for you to enjoy your sunset dinner with during your Krabi romantic getaway. You could also consider going on a sunset dinner cruise on a yacht when on a Krabi romantic getaway.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008