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Fans of outdoor life consider Krabi to be their dream holiday destination. There is lots of adventure offered here in the form of rock climbing, sea-kayaking and trekking. Not only can experienced people partake of these sports, amateurs find experienced instructors on hand who will guide you through the sports.

Or you could spend some time just lounging on the stretches of white beach Krabi offers you. With the excellent infrastructure in Krabi beaches, you find no difficulty in finding tour agents to book your itinerary of activities and sight-seeing.

Exchange your currency to Baht in any bank in Krabi

The currency of Krabi is the Thai currency, the Baht. You can exchange your currency for Krabi currency at the many banks offering standard services in Krabi. There are also currency exchange centers in Krabi for you to exchange your currency.

The culture of Krabi is very varied, interesting and colorful. The many religions of people residing in Krabi all contribute to the rich culture of Krabi in one way of the other through their individual festivals, food and tradition. One thing you are sure to notice in Krabi is the difference in the dialects spoken in Krabi.

Different regions of Krabi have their own dialects

Southerners have their own dialect that is impenetrable by others across the country. This dialect is connected with their identity and uses different words and tones from those found in central plains and in shows. This is why local bands, plays and shows from the south are very popular. And if you greet a southerner with 'mai preu' instead of 'mai pen rai', you have just got yourself a friend for life.

Most of the Tha´s are Buddhists; this is why you can see Buddhist cave temples in Krabi. The remaining of the population comprises of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus. The national language of Krabi is Thai; however most of the people also understand English.

There is no need to worry about lack of communication when in Krabi. This is because there is an effective mail and postal service here, along with efficient telecommunication and internet facilities.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008