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What to bring

Krabi Overview | Packing advice to follow when you visit Krabi

When going for a Krabi holiday, it is better to pack sensibly, and according to the weather you visit Krabi in. if you plan to visit Krabi in the rainy season which is from May to October, you have to pack a light sweater or cardigan. You needn't worry about its cleaning as laundry services are widely available, at around 35-40 Bahts a kilo.

Take a pair of flip flops when you visit Krabi

However if you visit Krabi in summer, it is better to pack lightweight clothes to remain comfortable in Krabi. You have to bring along your sunglasses as the sun is very strong here. You can also buy sunglasses here like cheap, original and designer sunglasses from opticians.

You will need at least a pair of flip-flops or slip-on shoes when you visit Krabi as they not only make you feel cooler, but it is easily removed when you enter a Thai home or temple. When you visit Krabi, remember that it is not permitted to wear any footwear inside a Thai home or temple.

Flashlights are essential when you visit Krabi

Don't forget to have a small flashlight handy when you visit Krabi. This is a useful tool for use during the occasional power cuts of Krabi when you may need to find your way to your place of stay at night. This is even more necessary if you are staying in a beach or at a remote guest house when you visit Krabi.

The other essentials when you visit Krabi include sun cream, different types of camera film, mosquito repellant and of course, your toiletries. Don't worry, if required, you can buy branded toiletries like Colgate and Nivea when you visit Krabi as these toiletries are widely available in Krabi.

If spending time in the water is your first priority when you visit Krabi, it is better and cheaper for you to bring along your own snorkel and mask. Though it is expensive to rent them here, if required, you can buy your own set here if required. It is only if you need specialized equipment for diving and climbing when you visit Krabi that you have to bring your own equipment to Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008