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Financing for Krabi homes

Krabi Realestate | Foreigners are not provided finance for Krabi holiday homes

Investing in Krabi holiday home will need quite a sizeable amount of money. The banks in Thailand don't actually provide any financing to foreigners, so conform the value of your Krabi holiday home if you plan to pay for the Krabi holiday home in cash. Most of the Krabi holiday homes in Krabi have structured payment plans you can refer to get an idea of your payment structure.

Check the credit history of your Krabi holiday home developer

The usual procedure for investing in a Krabi holiday home involves a deposit payment as security for the property, installments for payment of the completion of the Krabi holiday home and the final payment that is to be made on the inspection of the completed home.

However before you actually invest in a Krabi holiday home, it is important that you check the credentials of both the developer and the contractor. Look at their credit history and their repute in building of Krabi holiday homes. Make sure your lawyer goes through the contract for your Krabi holiday home and ensure that buying and leasing for foreigners is legal and not risky to you.

Make sure your Krabi holiday home has parking space for your car

If you have a car, and intend to use it in your Krabi holiday home, ensure that your Krabi holiday home has sufficient parking. If you don't have a proper garage, a covered parking space is more than sufficient for the hot and rainy seasons. This point is more important if you intend to invest in a Krabi holiday home in a rural area of Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008