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How to eat with Krabi locals

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The people in Krabi place a lot of importance in eating. So if you intend to eat with Krabi locals, it is better that you learn something about their table manners. The table manners of Krabi locals is unlike the table manners you know as there is no stiffly starched napkins or cutlery tools or Victorian mannerisms to learn. The eating etiquette of Krabi locals is very much different from your table manners.

Be ready for anything when dining with Krabi locals

Don't expect any posh habits when eating with Krabi locals as these Krabi locals can be rather uncouth at times. Krabi locals basically concentrate on communal eating and practical table manners. Their mannerisms resemble the mannerism of a previous era where meals were shared and food was considered to be the most important and gratefully received gift.

When eating with Krabi locals, don't think that it is right on your part to order a single great steak to eat on your own. This is because Krabi locals follow the tradition of sharing all their dishes. So if you dine with a group of Krabi locals, don't expect to order the bovine or dish of your choice. This is because it is the senior women of the group who decide on choosing the dishes for the group of people.

Skilled hosts give the best orders in Krabi

With a skilled host handling your orders with Krabi locals, you can be sure that all your palates are catered for. They will make it a point to order fish, seafood, pork, chicken, shrimp and vegetarian dishes that are designed to suit all and any tastes. So when you go out dining with Krabi locals, you are sure to have a delightful time tasting the different delicacies of Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008