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Krabi Restaurants | Learn more about the different types of Krabi food

If you are really fond of food, then you are sure to enjoy yourself with Krabi food. This is because eating and drinking are both favorite pastimes of those in Krabi. You are sure to find some form of Krabi food wherever you are in Krabi, and never go hungry as there is Krabi food wherever you go.

Krabi food is not only available in restaurants, but on mobile motorcycles

You find people selling Krabi food in mobile motorcycles and pushcarts and in street side stalls and markets. In addition to this, there are many small eateries, outdoor cafes and fancy restaurants in Krabi serving delicious and exquisite Krabi food.

The different parts of Thailand serve different types of Thai cuisine. Most of Krabi food constitutes of curries that reflect influences from both India and Malaysia. Massaman is a Krabi food that you have to taste and try out when in any of the restaurants in Krabi. There are other dishes that are also worth tasting while in these restaurants like khanom jin and khao mak gai.

If you find Krabi food too hot, Krabi also serves international cuisine

Krabi food is usually hot, so if you feel you can't stand the heat of the food and the heat of Krabi, you can enjoy Krabi food in any of the western and international food spots found in Krabi. As these restaurants are run by expats in the area, their food is not like Krabi food, but good and authentic.

Pizzerias are very common in Krabi; however you can also find Swedish, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, German, French and British pub grub in different parts of Krabi. Another great taste you can experiment in Krabi food is of course, its seafood. You find restaurants serving catch of the day on most of the beaches of Krabi. So if you are a lover of seafood, you know where to go when in Krabi!

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008