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Krabi Restaurants | The many types of Krabi restaurants you find in Krabi

Food lovers love Krabi for the variety of food you find here. There are Krabi restaurants that meet the palate of lovers of all types of food. If you relish seafood, curries, international food or fast food, you are sure to find a restaurant serving your choice of cuisine in the restaurant.

Krabi restaurants serve exquisite Thai food with fresh herbs

When you walk into a Krabi restaurant, you notice that food is the main point mentioned in the menu, as anticipated. Don't miss the opportunity in trying the different dishes offered in the restaurants as though you may have tasted Thai food in your home, you are sure to find an immediate difference in the taste of the food offered in Krabi restaurants.

It is mainly because of the fresh herbs and spices that are used in cooking in Krabi restaurants, in addition to the authentic knowledge of Thai cooks in cooking dishes that you relish the dishes that are served at each meal in Krabi restaurants. The different restaurants offer a wide choice of dishes for you to choose from to satisfy your taste buds while in Krabi.

Krabi restaurants serve fresh and delicious seafood

Krabi restaurants serve more of curries reflecting a blend of Malaysian and Indian influence in the cooking. Don't forget to try the Massaman when in Krabi restaurants; this is a dish with peanuts and sweet potatoes worth eating. The Thai-Muslim version of chicken Biryani, the khao mok gai is something else you can taste in Krabi restaurants.

Seafood lovers will love Krabi restaurant serving seafood. This is because these restaurants generally serve the 'catch of the day' that is displaced on ice outside the restaurant. You can choose from all kinds of fish, shellfish, squid, lobsters and crabs. The Krabi restaurants cook them in a variety of sauces, or just grill them and serve with a dipping feast. This is indeed a dish to relish in Krabi restaurants.

If you find the food served in Krabi restaurants to be a bit too hot for yourself, you can always try out the restaurants offering international food. There are many Krabi restaurants started by expats, and serving cuisine from Germany, Swiss, France, Europe and many other cuisines. So when in Krabi, you never go hungry, as there is always a restaurant serving something you enjoy and relish eating!

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008