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Krabi Fruits: Som Shogun

Krabi Restaurants | Have a look at the Krabi Som Shogun fruit

There are many fruits and vegetables that you can buy and taste when in Krabi. However the most famous of the fruits of Krabi is the Krabi Som Shogun. This fruit is a species of the orange family, and is famous in Krabi for its sweet taste.

Fresh Krabi Som Shogun is better than its juice

It is always better to eat the Krabi Som Shogun fresh, and not as a juice. This is because it has a thin rind and very little pulp. You find lots of Krabi Som Shogun flowers flowering in the orange trees between the months of March and June. The exact time cannot be stated as the flowering of the Krabi Som Shogun is quite dependant on the climate of the area the trees are located.

Once the flowering of the Krabi Som Shogun starts, it takes about a month before the Krabi Som Shogun is set to be eaten. However this does not imply that you can eat the Krabi Som Shogun immediately; you have to wait for another eight to nine months before you can pick the fruit from the trees.

Krabi Som Shogun is propagated through branch rooting

Unlike most fruits where seeds are used for its propagation, in the case of the Krabi Som Shogun, the most popular form of propagation is by the rooting of branches. The Krabi Som Shogun is not plucked from the tree in the first year of its growth, most orange growers wait for the tree to become at least three years old, before they actually start picking the Krabi Som Shogun fruit.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008