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Krabi night market

Krabi Shopping | Don't miss a visit to Krabi night markets

When in Krabi you have to make a visit to the famous Krabi night markets found here. There are basically two main Krabi night markets of which the riverfront night fruit and food market on The Khongkha is the easier to find.

Be careful of touts in Krabi night market

This Krabi night market has a picturesque setting on the waterfront with large strong of food stalls that cater to all budgets. You find delicacies like Thai-style noodles, succulent seafood, mussel omelets and Thai desserts here. You find a large seating area behind the stalls of the Krabi night market to enjoy the food here.

However these Krabi night markets are famous for waiters touting customers by accepting payment for your food, but not delivering it to you. There are also stalls selling local fruits including the famous durian in the Krabi night market. However remember that the durian is prohibited in many hotels for the foul smell it emits. Other fruits found in Krabi night markets are langoustines that taste like rambutans.

Deep fried crickets; delicacy of Krabi night market

The second Krabi night market is found near the central Songthaew station off the main road, and past the banks. This is the Krabi night market to head for if you are looking for more to buy than just fruits and food. There is a clothing and T-shirt section found in this Krabi night market, with a larger selection of food and drinks. If you dare, try out the delicacy, deep fried crickets here. So if you want to see some life and vibrancy in Krabi, visit famous the Krabi night markets of Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008